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Out of the Fir, into the Flying Plan

Last night we played a little Shadake. Lazar redid the skill system again, because combat in the last setup was very... um... boring. No one ever tried anything because most of the time you just ended up forcing them to spend a little effort dodging you, or else you got a critical hit and killed them. Trying a special maneuver was pointless because unless you got a critical hit, it wasn't going to actually work.

So he switched it to something more like Star Wars, where if you hit but not critically the target could choose to take the damage to their fatigue instead of their hit points. That means non-attack maneuvers can have a designated 'touch effect' to replace the fatigue damage.

Of course, none of us have much besides basic attacks right now.

After two months of boredom punctuated by periodic 'tests' for the bunny shaman, the survivors of the Concordance were rescued. Sort of. The 'rescuer' was the Ree (aka bunny and squid) military, and their offer was 'join us or stay here on the moon to rot'. Since it had taken two months to get even one response to their distress signal -- Gaea (as the plant moon was called) really wasn't on any major trade route -- everyone decided to go with them, although some of them chose to be taken prisoner because they didn't want to have to fight.

The enlistment wasn't permanent -- it was only until they next made port. No one was surprised that the captain was in no hurry to make port any time soon, though. For one thing, they were nowhere near Ree.

The party, along with Sgt. First and a couple other new recruits, were squashed into a room that was probably not meant to hold eight people. There was one soldier from the ship bunking there, who told them (because it was going to be impossible for him ot hide it) that the cabin they'd been given was the only entrance to the ship's illegal mushroom-growing operation. Most of them were just drugs, but a few seemed like they might have alchemical properties. No one admitted to having any moral qualms about drug dealing -- Cane offered to help prepare the mushrooms (for a price obviously) since he had alchemical training.

At any rate, they spent a long time hiding in clouds on the outskirts of battle. The party talked to the (other) soldiers about what exactly the ship did, and mostly it was a scavenger basically, that ambushed enemy scouts or teamed up with a few others of its ilk to raid supply lines or ports. Definately NOT a ship for the line of battle, although they saw a battle from a long ways off once or twice. There seemed to be a lot of different sides, although the Drakivolki seemed to be a common element for all the *other* sides but theirs.

Mostly, they ended up fighting random sky hazards more than enemy ships -- or maybe those were just the fights that made better stories. Sky sharks, undead, and the bug-borg that the party had run into before. The latter being by FAR the most dangerous.

Cane also asked if anyone had ever heard of Vaal, and while people had *heard* of him ('he was one of the old gods, wasn't he?' 'No, he was a new type of god, like Abraxis.' 'Abraxis isn't a *type* of god, he's THE god!') no one had ever heard of the moon of Vaal or anything. Of course, if there *was* a moon of Vaal, no one would have ever heard of it, because no one would ever leave the place.

But eventually, they didn't hide in the clouds well enough near one of the major battles, and an elven ship broke off to attack them. The Ree ship they were on got the better of the fight at cannon range, but the elves came close enough to board, so everyone was ordered up on deck to fight them with guns. And given guns for the purpose.

Cane and Nico tried to board the enemy ship 'stealthily', by climbing on the bottom of the boarding nets and by flying across out of the line of fire respectively, and it kind of maybe worked. Cane got shot at (and missed, although he almost lost his grip on the net dodging it) and Nico got hit with a web spell by an elven mage, and fell to his doom... okay, he fell for a few rounds until he managed to dissolve the webs.

Takara and Kyngeah tried to hang back, and got fireballed. Kyngeah's armor was tough enough to avoid the splash as she dived for cover, though, and Takara was able to turn into a cat and dart across to the other ship and through the melee.

The elven mage was a centaur, the only one on the ship. Everyone was gunning for him. Unfortuantely, every elf was willing to give his life to defend him, so while they got a few pot-shots off between waves, with the guns, they mostly spent their time taking care of elves who got in their way. Nico and the other friendly mages did most of the actual damage. Eventually the centaur went down, though, along with all the elves who were willing to fight, and the captain had them kill all the wounded, put the prisoners in the brig, and then set the elven ship on fire after a very perfunctory looting.

Apparently, they were *very* far from the nearest friendly port, far enough that there wasn't any point trying to take the ship as a prize.

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