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Sharks and Elfses

Last night we played some shadake. Kyngeah got Cane in trouble, for once. And Nico almost died because he was the only flyer.

After hurriedly setting fire to the elven ship and scuttling off into a storm, the crew of the Moonfly (apparently that's the ship's name) was... not very happy. Cane (reluctantly) donated some of his whipberry jam to the cooks so that they could make the post-battle meal less foul, and suggested that they hold a funeral in absentia for the people they'd lost, since the captain casually leaving them behind to rot on the torched elven vessel was a big source of unhappiness. Apparently, the captain really wasn't very popular in general -- he was a recent replacement, and did things very differently.

However, before they could finish collecting the names of everyone who'd died in the battle, they were attacked by some skysharks who were roaming the stormclouds. Cane was up on deck, swabbing the deck (in the rain!), so he used some fire oil to make his sword all flamey, and tried to lure the sharks into attacking him. The sharks were making quick passes through the ship's gravity bubble, trying to snatch people up in their jaws and carry them off.

The first pass a few went after Cane, and they managed to dodge each other... so for the second pass he decided to let one hit him (but not BITE him) and used an 'immovable stance' technique to arrest its motion, tossing it to the deck. Once down, it was mostly helpless -- the sharks 'flew' by controlling gravity, which was overridden by the ship's bubble. Cane didn't know that, and leapt on its back in case it went flying off, and almost got his legs crushed for his trouble! But it couldn't dodge, so he went stabbity stabbity a lot and eventually it died.

Meanwhile, Takara was 'helping' with the cannon. She wasn't a very good shot, but she knew how to work the machines and was closer than the real cannoneers, so she managed to miss a few sharks before getting chased out of her seat by a shark.

Kyngeah, who'd been up in the rigging fixing the sails, didn't have time to put up her sanctuary spell before being snatched up by a shark and carried off. Her armor helped a LOT against the shark's teeth, though, and Nico flew after her to help her try to kill it before she was chewed to pieces. She shoved her staff in its gills, he zapped it (and incidentally Kyngeah) with electricity. Eventually, the shark had had enough, and dropped Kyngeah to snatch up Nico in his jaws instead.

A nearly-dead Kyngeah went hurtling back towards the ship (she couldn't control her gravity, so it was random). She still had a spare flying potion on her, so she drank it and turned into a drakivolki, and flew to the ship and cast sanctuary first (to keep the crew from shooting her, since the drakivolki were the enemies) and then healed herself second, and looked to see how Nico was doing.

Nico was not doing well. The shark was not doing well either, but Nico passed out first, and the shark was almost to the 'green cloud' (a free floating forest). Takara, skulking about the deck (and telling the cannoneers where to aim when they couldn't find targets), stole the captain's pistol out of his holster and shot the shark, dumping both it and Nico unconscious into the tangle of vines. Then un-pick-pocketed the pistol back into the holster before the captain noticed.

The rest was cleanup. Cane told the crew not to kill Kyngeah since she was really Kyngeah just transformed, and she started healing the crewmembers they could recover (some had been eaten by sharks) There were two dead sharks on deck for the cooks to butcher, and Cane wanted to get some alchemical ingredients from them first, making up some lame story about it being important according to the customs of his people. The captain wasn't impressed, and told him to finish swabbing the deck, which was all bloody. After he walked off, Cane kept butchering the sharks, telling everyone watching that he *was* going to finish swabbing the deck. The captain hadn't said *when*, after all.

Later on, the captain approached Kyngeah, asking her how she'd transformed herself into a Drakvolki, and if she could do that to anyone else. They were low on supplies, apparently, but close to the elven homeworld of Amalfia, the moon of purity, which was (for some ungodly reason) allied with (or at least paying for the services of) the draks. If they could pass themselves off as a captured ship with a drakivolki prize crew, then maybe they could resupply.

She pointed him to Cane.

Cane did, in fact, have quite a few drakivolki transformation potions on hand -- he'd been VERY BORED for two months, on Gaea, and had spent most of the time making wahtever alchemical stuff could be made from the plants of the icy forest. He didn't just want to hand it all over to the captain, so he demanded compensation.

Captain: "But this could be a matter of life or death for the entire ship!"
Cane: "Then you should be willing to pay for it!"
Kyngeah: "I'm... going to leave the room now."
Cane: "You said you weren't hiring us for any special skills when you shanghaid us, so I'm not employed by you as an alchemist."
Captain: "No, I said I wasn't *paying* you for any special skills."

Eventually, the captian asked Cane what he wanted, which was basically to be employed as an alchemist -- with time to make alchemical stuff instead of swabbing the deck and other lame-ass make-work. Oh, and a gun. And some armor.

The armor was tricky, but the captain agreed to try. In return, Cane handed over his supply of drakivolki potions, and the captain saved a few for future use, but used the rest to turn all the Ree natives on the ship (bunnies and squids) into drakivolki. The burmecians etc. could just as easily have been hired by the Amalfian side, so they didn't need to change -- but he wanted Cane and Kyngeah (well, Kyngeah was already transformed) to play the part of the prize crew's captain when dealing with the elves.

Kyngeah: "I'm not sure I'm the right choice. I'm kind of a bastard when it comes to negotiations."
Captain: "Well, that's how drakivolki are all the time."

But she refused, and assigned Cane the job. She and Takara would play the parts of a priest-or-something and a merchant respectively. And the captain was going to have an officer going along and watching them to make sure they didn't try anything (like, say, selling the captain into slavery and going over to the Amalfian side for real).

Villa, their drug-dealing roommate, remarked that the captain was almost *begging* them to sell drugs on Amalfia.

Cane: "Ah, a clever strategy. Poison the followers of purity from within."
Villa: "Um... he doesn't *actually* know about this. Don't tell him about this."

last session | next session

So, Rowyn was planning to stop by next week to sit in on the game. Rowyn, the likely NPCs to take over for the night are:

Villa the drug-dealing bunny (I think a bunny?).

Fernao or Xerxes, the two mages mostly known for getting their butts kicked. I think at least one of them is a burmecian (rat), but I'm not sure.

The political officer watching the party to make sure they don't try anything.

Teatime was mentioned, although it looks like he'll be sort of a native guide since he's the only one on the ship with memories of Amalfia (from one of 'his' previous lives). Which makes him a better bet for staying an NPC.
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