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Airy Potta

Went to see this last night. The two next showings when I got to the mall were already sold out, but they were showing it so often that I only spent an hour or so wandering around the mall waiting for the showing I could get tickets to.

The movie was fun, and funny, and didn't have anything in it that made me cringe. There were some lines that Harry delivered so mumbley that I had no idea what he was saying, though. It also didn't have much of a plot, and the 'half blood prince' angle was almost entirely cut from the movie. Maybe they should have renamed it? Harry Potter and the Love Septagon of Doom?

Snape still kills Dumbledore.

After the movie, I took the 'exit' at the bottom of the theater, curious where it would let me out since the normal option (out the back of the movie theater, near the parking lot) didn't seem to be an option, since we were on the third floor of a skyscraper.

...no, it let me out in the back of the movie theater, near a parking lot I hadn't known existed. After sending me through an endless unfinished corridor that really, *really* reminded me of an entire level in a FPS -- if the back of the theater had exploded in flames, and I'd been forced to seek an alternate exit through a twisty 'maze' with only one passageway, this is exactly what I would have expected. Only, I'd have expected more monsters, and fewer hapless senior citizens trying to laboriously navigate the secret hidden staircases, since all the doorways were one-way into the passage -- no exits until you got to the very bottom. At least they were going down!
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