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Weekend Visit and stuff

So, Rowyn was over for the weekend, and it was a lot of fun! I'm a little worried that we did too much gaming and cuddling and not enough of anything else, but it's not like there's very much else that's *better* than those...

Friday, Shadake. "Everyone was so quiet!" Yeah, that's been happening lately. x.x

Saturday, Agricola. "This isn't a game about farming, this is a game about suffering!" We tried several drafting variants to pick the occupations and minor improvements, and had generally high scoring games every time. Well, except for once, when two people ended up with empty farms somehow. They still didn't score *low*. The last game I ran away with because I got five family members absurdly early on... but when Jurann counted the score, it was a tie! Until we discovered he'd accidentally given himself the points for my stone house, and forgotten about the begging card he'd taken in the first harvest. >:)

Sunday, Dominion. "Would you like to be swindled twice, or tortured twice?" Dominion's a neat card game (not little though) where the gameplay is mostly about building a deck which will let you buy victory point cards. At some point, you have to actually buy the victory point cards, though -- this was usually my downfall. I'd get obsessed with taking extra actions and stuff and forget to buy money. The first couple games (and a couple two-player games in the morning) were with the base set, which was all pretty straightforwards. Then Draco noticed that Uncle's was selling the expandion, and we played a few games with just the expansion at Jurann's place. The expansion was called 'intrigue', and... yeah. It was about messing with the other players. The two most annoying ways to do that were the swindler (who'd replace copper in their decks with curses, or moats with estates) and the torturer (who made everyone discard 2 -- like the militia, only you had to discard all the way down to nothing if it was played repeatedly. Which it often was.)

We played way too much dominion. x.x

Monday was mostly Race for the Galaxy, two player with Rowyn, because we were both pretty tired (and I was sick of being social x.x). At the end of the day we tried to play Doom, but that was a mistake -- there wasn't room, and the game isn't enough fun to make it still be fun when you're obviously not going to be able to finish the level and pieces are flying everywhere and you can't find the rules becuase there's nowhere to set them and -- AAARGH!

Actually, Monday was mostly eating food. >:) But I was trying to follow the pattern. Sheesh!
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