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With Spies Like Us...

Last night we played some Shadake, infiltrating the Amalthean military base in search of information regarding Morpheus.

Not that the party really cared that much about Morpheus -- the two sides were the Realists (who were insane terrorists) and the Nightmares (who were insane tyrants). But Sergeant First cared about Morpheus a lot, and he was one of the only friends they had left. Of course, it would have been stupid for them to go themselves, since they were the drakivolki the Elves would want to talk to when they eventually tried to leave the moon...

Sgt. First: "But you're the only ones I can trust!"

They also wanted to have the ship ready to leave quickly, in case they screwed up the infiltration and had to run back with guards on their tail, but they coudln't do that either. None of the materials Takara had traded for were delivered yet, and most of the crew -- including the captain! -- were still out on shore leave, nowhere to be found. ARGH.

They did make Sgt. First be the centaur. The disguise worked, mostly -- the few people they met in the base recognized him as the centaur he was impersonating. The security system... recognized him as someone totally different. And female. Apparently, they'd screwed up forging the insignia.

It was the middle of the night, so everything interesting in the base was locked down. Takara was able to sneak through the air vents (in 'kitten' form, although when she was an elf her 'kitten' was a bunny) and unlock doors for them from the inside, so they managed to get into a couple interesting rooms.

While she was unlocking the first, a centuar walked up who recognized the guy Sgt. First was impersonating. Cane offered to make him some tea, and the centuar accepted, expecting something heavily drugged (since they were impersonating a druggie and his retinue). Cane disappointed him by giving him ordinary-looking tea. It *was* drugged, of course, and once the Mental Cruel Tea kicked in it would have only taken a few carefully chosen phrases to make him terrified of being up and about at night, except that the one talking to him was Sgt. First instead of Cane and First wasn't in on the plan. Eventually the guy got scared of *something* and left, though.

So, they got into the map room. It was full of maps. Most of the maps weren't labelled. They looked for the maps that people had checked out recently, which were mostly beacon maps to allow navigation between moons, then broke into the inner chamber where a war room was set up with fleet positions that, after they finally thought they'd maybe come up with which fleet and moon was which since nothing in THERE was labelled EITHER, Sgt. First decided was probably a war game -- 'what if Ix threw in with the other side?'

Morpheus was splat in the middle of the war zone, of course.

The other room they checked out was one that Takara had identified as belonging to a high ranking officer. Who was still in the office, asleep. She used one of their twenty-something remaining sleeping potions to make sure he stayed asleep, then they raided his notes. The main thing the officer was working on was trying to get the warship the base was building completed, despite resources being diverted to fight the [nonsense word]. Sgt. First noticed that one of the systems the ship needed to have installed on it was a radio receiver -- which meant that there had to be a radio transmitter somewhere on Amalthea.

A what?

Right. The party was going to be useless dealing with radio. So he went back to the ship to get Xerxes (they had plenty of extra elf potions), who'd at least know what a radio was, while the party was put in charge of finding the radio transmitter, which would probably look something like a giant dish.

They went back to the map room to find a map of the base, but they couldn't tell which base map was theirs. Eventually, though, it dawned on them that all the maps were, themselves, shaped like giant radio dishes, with what had to be the transmitter room smack in the middle, deep underground. Approaching from the towers was difficult, because the room was very secure, but there was a shaft running down from the middle of the courtyard.

So once First got back with Xerxes, they headed for the courtyard. There they spotted a pair of centaurs supervising dozens of elves, loading boxes onto the ship being constructed overhead. They decided to pretend to be escorting their own centaur as he inspected the ship, as an excuse to get to the middle of the courtyard, where there was a little building with no apparent entrances. When they got close, the security system loudly identified him as 'madam genadier', which confused the other centaurs (he was NOT a madam) just long enough for the elves to shoot him.

To shoot Sgt. First, that is. And then go on to try to take over the ship -- they were really drakivolki in disguise, from their own ship, doing their own infiltration no doubt with the blessing of the real captain. And Sgt. First had been disguised TOO WELL.

But that was an excuse to duck into the central building for cover, which is what they'd wanted to do anyway -- after misidentifying him it had opened a door for him. They didn't even NEED the spiked egg to fall from the sky, pulverizing one of the base's towers and shooting out chaotic magic. Although that was a pretty good distraction too.

The shaft led down to what they hoped was the transmitter tower, and had a sloping ramp spiralling down. Since First was in no shape to walk, and sitting around on the surface while random chaotic magic changed things into other things was a bas idea, they slathered him with Caravan Miracle Cream, and all the elves piled onto the unconscious centuar to ride him down! Kyngeah kept healing him while they were doing that, of course.

The ramp they were on turned to marshmallow creme underneath them, but as they plopped messily into the communications center, there was enough marshmallow around that no one was hurt (any worse). They convinced the elves manning the station to send a message to the fleet telling them about the 'changestorm' (Xerxes' word for it) and the attack on the ship -- the plan was for Xerxes to add a spell that would echo all communication sent from the base to Morpheus on a different frequency, while they were doing that.

Sgt. First (who'd been healed conscious at least) kept their attention away from Xerxes by offering to use magic to clean up the room -- the elves were familiar with the centaur's dangerous wild magic, and didn't let him try. Cane peeked at the elf doing the encoding, but unfortunately the encoding was memorized, so they'd have to rely on knowing what the message being encoded was to break the code.

Then the changestorm ended, turning all the marhsmallow into regular stone rubble choking the shaft, and they took their leave hastily, from the room and the base. As they left they saw that the big ship the elves had been building was destroyed, but only four of the drakivolki survived the battle.

Back at their ship, the dockmaster tried to keep them away from the drakivolki ships -- "It came from outside this time! No harassing the customers!"

"We have business with them."

"Okay, I'll go get their captain." Oops. x.x Fortunately, Takara was able to sneak on board and turn back into a drakivolki to play the part of the ship's merchant and repair some of the snafu there.

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I was getting really tired at the end there, and doing more harm than good. -.- Party might have been better off if I'd actually fallen asleep. >:)
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