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Silly Dominion

The card game Dominion finally came in the mail today, so after playing some CoV with Jurann, Rowyn and I decided to try to play a game over the phone, setting up the spread in tandem and then just having a stack of cards to be what was in the other person's deck, so we'd know when the stacks ran out.

It worked fine, the only real problem being that my phone is really uncomfortable to use that way -- I had to set it down every time we shuffled, and in Dominion you shuffle a lot.

The first game we played one of the standard spreads, and despite a couple really flashy turns on my part (like when I played festivals to get my hand down to one, then used a library and got a total of 16 copper to buy two provinces in the same turn) it ended up as a tie.

The second game was random... lots of attacks, including the witch. No defense. No cellar. No extra actions except for a couple cantrips. Nothing. There was a remodel to get rid of curses, but...

Yeah. It was a long game. The witch stack ran out first, followed by the 'spy' stack since it was the 4-cost cantrip and I just kept buying them because they were fun. The third stack to run out, eventually, was curses. Final score? I lost with -3 points to Rowyn's zero. x.x But it was still fun, even though we were both struggling. >:) Dominion's that sort of game -- usually when you're having a hard time because of an unfavorable setup, so is everyone else.
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