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Mutiny on the... ship whose name we don't even remember.

Friday night we played some Shadake. Most of it was making an elaborate plan to escape from the port, the rest of it was trying to somehow survive our own elaborate plan.


Takara got the disguised spy team back onto the ship, but after the battle at the port, there was a (justified) worry that the cops would recognize the drakivolki assault team as being from their boat, and arrest them. So they needed to be prepared to leave.

Step 1 of being prepared: watch for people coming to arrest them.
Step 2 of being prepared: dose the other (real) drakivolki ship in the port with an unholy mixture of Lau Zhan and Mental Cruel Tea, guaranteed to give a bad trip every time!
Step 3 of being prepared: use spike growth ointment on the port's door to keep it from closing to lock them in.

Step 3 was the hardest -- no one on the ship was any good with a bow, and you couldn't exactly tie a vial of alchemical stuff to a bullet. They had a bunch of elven prisoners, though, so they found one (an embezzler or something along those lines) who eventually agreed to make the shot in return for a temporary disguise (as a different elf) and his freedom.

One of the drakivolki made it back, and reported that the captain had been insane during the attack -- it had been a slaughter. And he *had* to have called down the changestorm, since it was too conveniently timed. Almost everyone was dead, though, thanks to the suicide attack, and if the captain made it back, well... there might be 'trouble'.

Then an angry mob of soldiers showed up to arrest them, so Takara set off Step 2, and it was worse than they'd planned -- and spread faster. It transformed people into animated skeletons -- which was fine as long as they were inside the effect, but once outside they'd stop being animated but remain skeletons, if it followed the pattern from the earlier 'good trip'. Sgt. First, Cane, and the ship's pilot were affected on their own ship (it spread too fast to dodge), and Takara only managed to use her dreaming skill to turn Sgt. First and Cane back before the panicking skeletal pilot left the port, and became a normal, dead skeleton. Kyngeah had to take over flying the ship, since she sort of knew what she was doing, and there was now literally no one else.

Oh, and the prisoner's shot at the port doors was useless because the doors were already closed when the disaster started happening, and were opened by the elves to let ships try to escape. He didn't survive the bad trip, anyway -- in a particularly gruesome fashion.

So their ship escaped from the port proper, without most of the cargo or crew they'd been waiting for -- and moved in to talk to the nearby elven military ship, the plan being to divert them to the chaos in the port and hopefully get them to enter the area of chaos and kill themselves.

But then, with perfectly AWFUL timing, the remaining strike team led by the captain showed up, and the elven military ship trained its cannons on them. To give them cover, Cane (still acting captain) ordered their own cannons to fire!

Then they did their pre-arranged maneuver, flying up above the enemy vessel and dropping barrels of gunpowder coated in oil of impact, to set them off as they hit. It didn't work perfectly, but the elves didn't have many cannon that could fire straight up, so they were getting the better of the fight. The elves blew a hole in the Ree ship's hold, which just made it more convenient to coat and drop more gunpowder, and also set the bottom of the ship on fire, which made it more urgent to get rid of ALL the gunpowder as soon as possible.

Then the captain arrived, and ordered Kyngeah to flee immediately, leaving the rest of the drakivolki behind. Kyngeah decided to flee through the drakivolki formation, allowing a few of them to grab hold, and then put Cane or somebody in charge of running away in a straight line at top speed while she piloted one of the small fighters down to try to pick up the rest of them. She almost lost the fighter (and the people she was trying to save, and herself) to enemy fire, but managed to bring three more back alive. The military ship had taken enough damage that it couldn't effectively pursue them, so they managed to get out of range.

Cane met with the captain to formally transfer command back, and the captain was in a happy daze -- they'd completed their primary objective (destroying the giant elven ship under construction on Amalthea) and somehow they'd *survived*! He hadn't expected to survive. The people back on Ree would be so surprised to find that they were still around! What? No, the rest of the crew hadn't known it was a suicide mission.

Cane went to Sgt. First, and informed him of the situation. "He hasn't done anything to justify being disloyal to him -- he's been callous with the lives of his troops, but his methods were effective, and this is war. However, if someone else I was loyal to -- say, the Realists -- were to stage a mutiny, that would cancel out my loyalty to the captain and I could act in my own best interests. HINT HINT."

So, yeah, there was a mutiny. Cane tried to save the captian's life by dosing him with mental cruel tea, thinking it would make him surrender to the mutineers -- but it had the opposite effect. Apparently, he'd been sent on the suicide mission because he was immune to fear, and fear-inducing effects (and situations) instead made him *more reckless*. So he ranted and raved about how the NEXT plan was to attack the entire enemy fleet head on using oil of impact smeared over their kitchen implements, and the crew shot him dead. Him, and the one officer who was still loyal to him.

Which left about 40 crew, if you counted the shaman and his people who Cane had freed during the battle to summon up a storm to cover their retreat and put out the fires, most of whom were from the Concordance. And 30 elven prisoners. What were they going to do? They needed money and repairs...

Cane: "Would it be ethical to sell the elven prisoners to the drakivolki at Jaxom?"
Officer: "Um... I never really considered that as an option. I don't like it, but if we don't we'd just have to kill them anyway."
Cane: "Or maroon them."
Officer: "Yes! That's better. Let's maroon them."

There was also the possiblity of selling something or other with vanes (one of their remaining fighters, or the half-wrecked ship itself) to the Nightmares on Morpheus, since they were natural allies of the Ree (but not actual allies yet) because of the position of the moons. The Ree crew mostly wanted to work in Ree's best interests, but not actually go back to the military proper since they'd be court martialed for mutiny.

Oh, and there were ghost ships, denuded of crew by changestorms, that people were too superstitious (and smart) to mess with, that might potentially be looted. The party *was* loaded up with anti-ghost weapons, and surely the ghosts of dead sailors wouldn't be anything like as dangerous as the evil ghost they'd faced on Gaea...

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