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It's not a *corner* exactly, but... I've written myself up to the edge of a cliff?

Last night I was working on Glow Bugs, and it ocurred to me that Era's about to go see Admiral Brendon. In person. On Sky Net, his flagship, a very high tech but severely under-crewed carrier. The Admiral's going to want a private audience -- maybe with Era's friends there -- so he's going to tell his sentient space ship not to watch the room while they talk. In reality, the ship will actually be watching, but Era won't know that.

The Admiral is evil. REALLY evil. Like, routinely orders the bombardment of civilians (only to be overridden by his space ships and legal counsel) and summary executions, conscripts thousands of people, suspended civil liberties while posing as the elected leader of a planet after secretly assassinating (or something) the actual leader (who, admittedly, was also evil). Everyone knows he's evil, and no one likes him. Not even his ship. He's also a physical weakling who spent the last twenty years as a supply clerk.

Era is a twelve year old with overwhelming natural physical abilities who thinks she's playing a video game. Penny, who would probably be there in the room, is completely fucking nuts and is very likely to suggest to Era that she should just kill the Admiral, right then and there.

Poll #1443174 Sequence Breaking?

Should Era try to kill Admiral Brendon?


What would happen if she made the attempt?

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