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Brushfire. We named this ship the brushfire.

Last night we played a little Shadake. Mostly dealing with the logistics of running a skyship, although there was a brief diversion into interlunar banking.

After escaping from their pursuers, the crew of the Brushfire (as they renamed it) took stock of their situation. It was pretty grim.

The ship had taken severe damage -- aside from cosmetic damage to the hull that they could fix themselves, three structural members and all of the vane mountings were damaged, along with half the cannon. They had plenty of food and water (it'd been on the list to buy at Amalthea, and delivered quickly since it was easy to acquire) but no gunpowder and very little fuel -- two of the vanes were down to a few days, the other three had about two weeks.

Fuel? Yes, fuel. Apparently, the vanes ran on mana crystals, which were not cheap, and the ship was clean out of spares. It was also almost out of money -- they only had 10 'teeth' left in the treasury. *Someone* had stolen the rest, but they no idea who or if the person responsible was still on the ship or even still alive.

In case they weren't still alive, they decided to scavenge what they could from the deceased crew's belongings. They managed to scrape together about 8 more 'teeth' worth of goods (in Takara's opinion, as the quartermaster) and a few useful items, like a vial of ghost-touch ointment that was difficult (read, slow) for Cane to replicate, but looked like it had a good shot at making bullets work against ghosts. The one vial was enough to coat their entire supply of ammo.

At any rate, 18 teeth might be enough to do the most important repairs, after which they could look for a ghost ship to loot. They flew to the nearest Drakivolki outpost -- the drakivolki had been hired by the 'Empire', but were known to trade with anyone, although if any enemy ships were in port they wouldn't protect their customers against each other as long as the fighting didn't happen on the outpost proper.

There weren't any Empire ships in port at the drakivolki outpost, but there was a bug-borg ship. It seemed to be a trading ship rather than one of the vicious, killer scavengers they were used to seeing, so they decided it was worth risking coming in to port. Especially since they were basically out of fuel.

The drakivolki sent a customs officer to greet them and guide them into port. Takara (who was back to her old self by now) met them in housecat form and they negotiated in Feline. It would take about 9 teeth to get minimal supplies (enough crystals for the two dry vanes, and a little gunpowder) and another 4 teeth for minimal repairs (the bare essentials not to break up in midflight, done in the cheapest manner possible). They spent another 4 teeth repairing two of the damaged cannon -- the drakivolki were willing to sell them brand new magic cannon for much cheaper, but the magic cannons ran on expensive magic crystals, so the captain recommended against it.

While in port, Nico met another of his race, that was an indentured servant paying off her debt after accidentally breaking a magic item. It would cost almost 4 teeth to buy her freedom, although "She does good work, so she's in no danger of being eaten." He also found a store full of rare books, including a spellbook for his exact style of magic. That he'd written himself, before the cataclysm.

Cane found a smith who was willing to make him a suit of chainmail at list price, although he 'cheated' by using magic. This resulted in a perfectly functional suit of armor, but it wasn't really as good as actual craftsmanship since it could be dispelled back into the original components using (for example) a simple alchemical mixture that Cane had a ton of on hand. Still, it wasn't that expensive, and much better than not having any armor at all.

Cane also struck up a conversation with one of the bug-borgs (they called themselves 'Grid') from the docked tradeship. Purple 3 explained that he was created by Ethon (or at least, the same entity said to be behind the changestorms -- I keep getting the name for him and the moon of corruption mixed up) to be unique and perfect for his purpose. All purposes were unique, because they were all very *specific* -- Purple 3, for example, made 'ghost wings' (vanes) for his ship. Purple 3 had a lot of free time. Cane thought about asking him for some vanes to sell on Morpheus, but the power source revelation made them less valuable than he'd though, and Grid-made vanes in particular would probably be very difficult to power. "I'm purple 2. My purpose is to power this vane!"

But the big discovery was the local bank. It had contact with the banks on Morpheus, and the party was able to withdraw the money they'd left behind in their accounts -- 1 tooth in Nico's, 8 teeth in Cane's, and *58* teeth in Takara's. Cane spent some on his money on rare alchemy books, but they were all a bit leery of using them to repair the ship outright -- they didn't have a lot of luck with transportation, and it'd be wasted money if the Brushfire was set on fire the day after they had it fixed.

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