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Is my life really that boring? I don't have anything to write about other than stories and roleplaying?

Yeah, maybe. I mean, I guess I could complain about food and crap, but crap tends to squick people, and without that half the food part wouldn't be very interesting.

Video games?

I installed a free trial of Burning Crusade because Rowyn and Trask and I were going to run through the Blood Elf or Dranei newbie quests, since they were supposed to be really cool. Unfortunately, Rowyn's download ran into trouble and she ended up with a trial of just regular WoW without any of the new areas. Running some newbies around Durotar AGAIN just wasn't very inspiring.

While the trial's running I've been playing a newbie dranei paladin, though, and yeah, the dranei quests are at least all about the same thing -- how badly they fucked up the island they landed on when they crashed their magic space ship there. There's nothing like gradually earning the trust of the local furbolgs and finally being asked to investigate why 90% of their people went crazy and started killing everyone, only to find out that the answer is, yes, YET ANOTHER evil mutating crystal from your ship smashed into their water supply too. Just like the owlkin, and the now-carnivorous flowers, and the fluffy bunny rabbits-turned-tentacle-beasts. It's ALL YOUR FAULT! Oh, the prophecied beasts of the apocalypse that you saved them from? They're from the zoo module that broke loose and crashed in a slightly different place.


I also went to see Ponyo, while all my friends went to see District 9. Apparently I chose poorly -- Ponyo is not one of Miyazaki's better films, to put it lightly. It's like, take the little mermaid, set it in modern times, then make the mermaid and her love 5 years old and remove all the bad guys. And the singing. Catchy showtunes might have saved it!
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