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Yesterday, I decided to pick up a Champions Online pre-order at Fry's. Well, Fry's isn't one of the retailers involved in the pre-order program, so I failed, but I picked up an external hard drive to deal with my laptop's endemic hard drive space issues. Or, well, I got an internal hard drive and an enclosure, since it looks like that's how they sell them. Total of about $150 for 1.5Tb? Is that good? Probably not.

Anyway, today I went online to try to get a pre-order, since I woke up too late to join the normal Pentacle team and they started a frickin' SF without me. 9.9 I tried 'direct2disk' but it failed utterly. It just didn't work. It said 'your purchase didn't work, contact customer support'. Blah. I don't *think* it charged me. >.< Paypal usually sends a confirmation. So I just went to gamestop and pre-ordered normally for in-store pick up.

But that means I had to go to fucking fileplanet to get the download, which means... a half hour queue, followed by blazing 20kb per second download speeds. God, I fucking hate fucking file fucking pla fuck net fuck. >:)

Maybe I'll have it downloaded by tomorrow. The website said the beta's running until the 26th. Otherwise it'll be like WAR, where by the time I finish the ludicrously slow fileplanet download the beta's over.

But since it was taking a long time, I decided to install the hard drive. I put it in the enclosure without too much trouble (it even fit!) and then... discovered that the power cord is too short to reach from my computer to the outlet. I sort of made a makeshift end table using an empty box to get around that for now, and started formatting the drive.

Formatting 1.5Tb through a USB 2.0 connection is not fast. It's been running for over an hour and it's at 5%.

So it's a race! Which will finish first?!
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