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Champions Offline?

So, the download finished before the format. The format's still going on... it's at 56% or something, 12 hours later.

I tried to make City Fox, and Assault Rifle/Fire blaster from CoH in Champions just because, like, she always should have had a fox-tail, right?

The costume choices seem really limited and ugly in Champions, but I managed to get something that was kind of sort of okay, although her face looks... wrong. >.< She has a foxtail though!

She's an Assault Rifle/Fire blaster in City of Heroes. You can sort of do that in champions, except for the part where you don't get to customize your guns at all and have to use dual pistols for the starting 'munitions' attack. And even then you're really penalized for mixing frameworks, since they need different stats and have specific, clumsily hardcoded synergy between powers in the same framework.

The game itself is really ugly. I mean, I know the art style was on purpose to make it look more like a comic book, but the black-outlined cell shading just really does NOT work. Especially when you scroll out far enough to see the little warning lights over peoples' heads that tell you they're about to do a nasty attack and you have to block.

I got through the tutorial, though, and got a flight power, and started the inventions tutorial, and then... the server went down. Grr. I guess I could chalk it up to 'still in the beta'? >:)
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