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Apparently the beta ends tonight? And then on the 28th the head-start begins? That's what the unofficial word is on the forums anyway -- I didn't see an official word anywhere. But I didn't look *too* hard.

One thing I noticed in Champions Online, playing around a little last night in Canada before the servers went down yet again, is that they made it really easy to tell the enemies apart from the random NPCs and players -- enemies are all a uniform shade of slate gray. Canada seems to have slate gray dogs, slate gray humanoids (5 types that you can tell apart by their names if you target them and pretty much nothing else -- most are weak and easy prey, but others will kill you almost instantly) and slate gray zombies (which don't die when you kill them the first time).

It's also nice that the trainers and contacts will come to your defense when a huge swarm of zombies spawns in the middle of town... no, no, wait. That's not nice. That's really annoying because they cancel the shopping you were in the middle of to go fight zombies if zombies are anywhere nearby. GRARGH. There's actually a public quest right in the middle of town, that does this almost continuously! What the hell, Cryptic?

This morning I tried to make another character, but while I was in the character creator the servers went down again and I lost all progress. They didn't come back up before I had to leave for work.
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