Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 4

Rydia was the one responsible for driving me out of the village. She was the one who’d invited Thistle to stay the night after the little herethroy finally made it to the far side of the lake, as night was falling and it was getting even colder. She’d wanted to invite her to stay in her hut, but chickened out at the last second – Rydia was quite fond of herethroy, and spent a lot of time in their company, and people had already started to talk.

So she was *really really mad*, and since she was probably the best hedge-witch Starfall village had, that meant I was driven out with a trail of pepper and thorns. She was a lot of fun to fight! Most warriors either kill you or get killed by you in a few passes, but all her spells were pain and tangle and barriers, so we got to play fox and hound for a while before some of the warriors who’d kill me in a few passes woke up, and I ran off into the hills.

They didn’t give up, of course. I circled back around the next morning, spying on the village belly down at the top of a nearby cliff, and got to watch as they put together their adventuring team to hunt me down. Rydia was there, of course, and Tell-tail, who was terrified that someone would find out the secret that everyone knew – no one else routinely brought monsters into the village. Candyice from the herethroy village was there as muscle – still a kid, but apparently one of their warriors. She was the only one of the pack with the raw, oblivious excitement that prime adventurers usually have when they set out to hunt monsters. Raspberry was there too for some reason – she didn’t know why herself, which usually means she accidentally talked herself into it and then was too proud to back down. And the fifth member of the team was… the Bonstable. Sorry, I mean the local sleeth, Darreth, who sleeps in the yard with Tell-tail’s pets sometimes, and occasionally eats a few of the more boring ones that Tell-tail won’t miss. And is really a bonstable.

I know bonstables are masters of disguise and all, to people whose minds are squishy blind jellyfish, but to my mind’s eyes, they’re a weird little puzzlebox, very distinctive. He was shaped like a sleeth’s mind in the same way I was shaped like a fox, only instead of spikes, hinges and buckles.

Oh, and there was Tell-tail’s krango, and his blossomary, and a hunting hawk.
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