Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 5

I’m not a Great Monster, but sometimes I can do some damage. I’ve learned a few tricks! One of my favorites is to watch people from a long way off, and then hammer cast a whole mess of fire bees using all my cley, and point them in the right direction and tell them to kill anything they find, ‘cause they’re all my enemies. It works best if the people are actually in a straight line of sight, because the bees are awfully stupid. Like if I’m watching a village from the top of a nearby cliff or something.

They saw them coming, of course, but they just looked like a big fireball. Rydia put up a wall of wood between them and the village, which did absolutely nothing because they just flew around it to sting everyone.

It probably would have been smart to run away before the bees hit, but really, who could resist watching that sort of explosion?

It didn’t set *all* the huts on fire. It didn’t kill *all* the villagers. It didn’t even kill Candyice, although it did kill Darreth and Tell-tail and Rydia. Rydia bounced, though, and used her amulet (at the time I thought it was some bound spells, like any sensible adventurer would have, but she had an enchanted item instead) to heal Darreth and Tell-tail back to life. Then Tell-tail healed Raspberry back from being a heap of exploded bug parts (she got hit by three bees, and couldn’t have survived one of them), and Rydia did a spirit reunion to actually bring her back to life, and then they noticed that the village was on fire and most of the villagers were also dead.

Don’t worry, mister conscience! I found out later that they managed to save almost everyone. You’ve got *minutes* to spirit reunion someone, and the village wasn’t that big. Which is fine by me – I wanted to kill them all with fire for the shiny, not to have them be dead afterwards.

But they had to rest a bit from being killed, so I figured it would give me a nice headstart. I’d read the nearby hiding places out of Tell-tail’s mind before I attacked, so I knew where to go where they’d eventually find me.

Except that Candyice, who wasn’t dead, ran off after me immediately! She saw me on top of the hill and just charged right out into the hills with her clubs and death on her mind – mostly, Raspberry’s death, since Raspberry had died in a really quite spectacular way. You should have seen it! Her head *exploded*! And Candyice hadn’t stayed around long enough to see her stop being dead.

It wasn’t totally stupid, though – I hadn’t shown much fighting skill against the kids (I mean, they were *kids*) and Candyice had ‘hiding in nowhere’ as an actual pattern spell to dodge the next swarm of fire bees that she didn’t know I couldn’t cast. As far as she knew, running off after me all by herself was a perfectly sensible course of action.

And she did catch me, and we had a little fight, and I won of course, but she managed to hide in nowhere before I could actually kill her. For real! I was going to leave her body on the main road for the others to find when they finally set out, but she got away with most of her limbs intact.

Ah well, it happens. She didn’t chase after me again once her bubble popped.
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