Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 8

Now, you’d expect the adventurers to search the boat for signs of its crew, and then fly it to the city where Jepa lived to turn it over to his next of kin and arrange for a funeral, right? Especially since one of them had been a casual acquaintance of his.

Well, okay, the law would expect that, but adventurers tend to have a bit more monster in them! So it wasn’t *just* because he was a bonstable that Darreth was able to convince them that this was a golden opportunity to go on a Real Adventure now that their villages were safe.

Raspberry was the only one still worried about me. She kept thinking about how I’d said I was ‘being a fox’, and after I died and my body changed back into a normal fox body, she wondered if maybe the danger wasn’t really over, although she suspected some evil wizard casting magic spells on animals. She was too shy to bring it up to the group, but she did bring it up in private to Candyice after they set out.

Candyice thought that it made sense for them to go back and guard the villages just in case more of my kind showed up to menace people, but also thought that a trip into the verticals would be a lot of fun, and wouldn’t take any time at all compared to the time they’d already spent tracking me without any sign of additional evil foxes or squirrels or whatever.

I don’t know what they actually *said* to each other. I could still read their minds with my own mind’s eyes, but I didn’t have any ears or anything.

They left Raspberry behind when they found a likely place to go exploring, locked in the hold where they hoped she’d be safe. Locked from the inside, I mean – they didn’t imprison her or anything. They spent a long time exploring the caves, and she eventually got bored and fell asleep.
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