Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 9

I was a little conflicted over whether to eat Raspberry. On the one hand, she was a herethroy, and herethory are herbivores. Herbivores are what food eats! On the other hand, she’d been left all alone in an airship after warning them that I might not be gone. On the other other hand, she was the one who’d gotten me killed in the fight, which made her the hero, kind of, and heroes are supposed to be killed while they’re awake. On the other other other hand, I was pretty hungry, although I wasn’t *starving* or anything.

So I settled in as if I was going to eat her, and took a few nibbles while I slipped into her dream.

She was dreaming about Candyice, in particular about Candyice being her bestest friend in the world and the two of them travelling the world together facing monsters and seeing new cities and stuff like that. They travelled to a magical city made out of Locador mostly, and met a nice co-lover and man that they both fell in love with and they all got married and had a lovely little quadrangle that lived on board their airship (which was sort of like the Zephyr, only not lame).

And then I showed up, flying around like a dragon, and tore their ship to pieces with my claws, and gobbled down her husband and mari (who didn't even have names in the dream) in seconds, then lunged for Candyice.

“Distract it!” Raspberry shouted to Candyice, “I’m going to get them back!” And she leaped right into my throat to follow her imaginary husband and mari, dodging my teeth and slicing off my tongue and using ‘stretch the hole’ to make my throat into a wide avenue she could advance down boldly.

And when she arrived in my stomach, there was a little picnic table set up on a fleshy hill rising out of bubbling green acid, and the two herethroy I’d eaten were sitting at the table, cups of tea held in their hands. She leapt over the acid to them, and screamed in horror as they were both dead and decaying, empty shells of chitin. I chuckled at her from the end of the table, and she noticed my presence.

“Have some tea,” I told her, pouring her a cup. I was a fox-patterned Cani with my normal alterations, four arms and wings and stuff.

She sat down and took the cup, then glanced to the two dead herethroy. “Is that how they died? Did you poison them?”

“I’ll drink first, if you like,” I told her, taking a sip from my own cup. She watched me suspiciously, then took a ship. “Of course, *I* can come back from the dead,” I said, and disintegrated into rapidly decaying fur and bones that collapsed onto the table.

Raspberry stared at the liquid in her cup, and failed to think of any way out of the situation, and died.
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