Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 11

The stupid ship was fireproof, so I had to use the door – and of *course* they were all waiting for me by the door, although at least they didn’t really understand what was going on. They wanted to capture me so that they could find some way to cure Raspberry of her curse.

But the stuff inside the ship wasn’t fireproof, so the cloud of choking smoke that billowed out when I opened the door gave me the cover I needed to dart past their ambush, and they had to settle for a fair fight. There was pepper in the eyes AGAIN, and another winter serpent, but the mages mostly held off on the magic because they were low on cley after escaping from the Nrex. So it was mostly Candyice and Darreth that I was fighting, and they were way overmatched, even if neither of them was actually trying to hold back like Tell-tail and Rydia wanted them to.

I killed Candyice first, and Tell-tail healed her, and I killed her again, and he healed her again, and I killed her a THIRD time, and he healed her AGAIN, so I picked her up in four of my arms, held her over my head, staggered over to the railing, and tossed her over the side. She didn’t put up much resistance, having just been killed three times. Darreth, on the other hand, pounced me from behind and pushed me off the ship after her. Technically, he pushed himself off too, but Sleeth don’t fall, and Bonstables pretending to be Sleeth had better know how to levitate!

Candyice and I fell a long way. They’d flown the Zephyr out a ways to keep the Nrex from following them, so we didn’t land on any of the ledges near the cave entrance. Candyice knew she was going to die as soon as she went over the edge, since she was out of cley, but she was too messed up from repeatedly bouncing to care. She cursed when we missed the ledges, and I wasn’t really happy about that either – falling to another branch SUCKS. It’s SO BORING.

But we didn’t fall all the way to the next branch. The verticals are only mostly vertical near the top, so after a mile or two we hit a steep slope, bounced a few times, and careened into a forest of sideways trees. The largest piece of my body (we’d both basically splattered on the first hit, but that only killed Candyice) ended up impaled on a tree branch, and I hung out there for a while, waiting for something to come along and eat me, or maybe to die of exposure and thirst.

Sometimes, having a strong life force is a bad thing.
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