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Kijji's Journal, Entry 13

They had two little tents set up on the lake shore. Most of the snow had melted, but the ground was soggy, and the tents weren’t very waterproof, so the tents were soggy and cold. One tent was for Tell-tail to sleep in, the other was for Rydia and me, since she didn’t trust Tell-tail with a dying herethroy, despite him being the better healer by far. It ended up being an excuse for Tell-tail to come into her tent, though, so it sort of backfired.

Tell-tail wanted to make the attempt immediately, because he thought that at midnight or morning (it was just after dark) I’d get my cley back and be able to kill them all despite being paralyzed. “The fox didn’t have Fire Bees before it was possessed!” he argued, “We don’t dare delay!”

Rydia wanted to make the attempt immediately, because she didn’t think I’d survive until morning with my injuries, especially in the cold and damp. “Don’t treat her like a monster! She’s still the little girl I watched growing up! We have to save her!”

They screamed at each other for a while, before they realized they were both arguing the same side. To be fair, the argument wandered a bit, and for most of it they were arguing about things that they weren’t on the same side about, like who was responsible for whose death -- it was kind of weird that they’d rather blame each other than me! I think they might have argued until after midnight, but unfortunately I get my cley back at dawn like most everyone else.

So, sometime in the middle of the night, Tell-tail threw his spear at Rydia, who cast a pepper strike in his eyes as if he’d just attacked her, even though he’d thrown it sideways so that she could catch it. Once he’d gone outside and cleared his eyes out in the snow, he told her he was ready, and Rydia stabbed me with the spear.

Technically. She pulled her stab at the last moment, and failed to even scratch my chitin – I certainly didn’t die from it. Tell-tail fired off Heal the Awful Wound, but since I hadn’t died first it didn’t have the effect they were hoping for – that I’d un-transform from being spiky and toothy and extra-arm-y, like the fox had, and turn back into Raspberry after the bounce.

“That was my last cley!” Tell-tail howled, “you made me waste it! Don’t you know how to stab someone with a --- YOWCH!” Rydia yanked the spear out of Tell-tail’s gut, and glowered at him. “Right, right,” Tell-tail said, clutching his wound, “Like that, only on her, not me. But I’m out of cley, so –“

Rydia interrupted him by pulling him close and kissing him fiercely… passing him a few of her cley. She hadn’t been as drained as he was. Then she viciously drove the spear through my chest, killing me.

I was free!

For about ten seconds. Then Tell-tail recovered from his infatuated haze and healed me back to life in Raspberry’s ruined body. Ugh. Bouncing sucks. And adventurers do this on purpose? More than once?

They knew immediately that it hadn’t worked. Apparently, when I bounce I re-transform the body I get yanked back into, somehow. I don’t know, it didn’t feel anything like when I squish a new body into shape, it was more like transforming into water-form as an orren, so maybe it’s just that the changes I make aren’t really real in the first place?

I giggled. I’d been healed back enough to giggle, at least. “It’s not that easy,” I whispered, since talking louder than a whisper wasn’t going to happen with what was left of this body any time soon.

“What do we do now?” Tell-tail asked, confused.

“Now we kill it,” Rydia said, bitterly. “Before it kills anyone else.”

“That’s not a good idea,” I whispered, “You really shouldn’t kill me. You should take me home and take care of me, and give me food.”

“Food like Thistle, or Jepa?” Rydia snarled.

“Mmm hmm,” I said, and giggled some more. That did it – she plunged the spear into my body again, and this time Tell-tail didn’t heal me back to life.

No one ever listens to me when I tell the truth.
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