Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

Kijji's Journal, Entry 15

I was staring at my reflection in the lake, admiring my new body after squishing it into shape – eight limbs, a long spiky tail, the claws, the teeth, the wings. I *like* being an orren, so I had every intention of keeping it for a week or a month, depending on how long I could keep out of trouble without going to any trouble basically. Rydia’s fur is pure white, which I think looks awfully good on me, too – sort of like you’d imagine a spirit, if it was made solid. And I’m a girl, which is the ‘weak’ sex for orren, and it’s always better hunting as the weak sex (if you can’t be a kid).

Then I had an idea! In waterform, I still look just like Rydia, since I transformed her normal form instead. So I got all wet, and snuck into Tell-tail’s tent, and woke him up as a sopping wet otter crawling in under his blankets and snuggling.

“Rydia?” he asked, confused.

“Just hold me,” I said, sounding desperate and sad. I was taking emotional cues from Tell-tail’s desperate and sad attempts to rationalize why Rydia would be in his tent and not stabbing him repeatedly in his sleep. I figured we’d cuddle a bit, and then I’d dry out enough to change back, and he’d be SO surprised! Heehee!

But it didn’t work out that way. The blankets were damp enough that Tell-tail managed to join me in waterform, and we made out for a while as a pair of otters, and when we started to dry out, he took his waterskin and poured it all over the two of us to keep us wet, because he thought it would be romantic and funny. And because he was a little confused why I’d come to him as an otter and was worried I’d turn back into Rydia’s normal crabby self if I stopped being one.

Eventually, he wanted to do more than just make out, and I encouraged him, because, I mean, it’s not like I’ve never had sex before. When I was young, I was totally a rape monster, having sex with everyone I ate! But that got old really quick once the novelty wore off, and it’d been like a century or two since I’d even thought about that sort of thing. But what Tell-tail was thinking of was nothing like that at *all*, until the very end.

I also thought it was kind of funny, how Rydia had told him more than once that the only way she’d ever sleep with him was over her dead body. He *was* on top most of the time! It doesn’t *quite* work because it isn’t her body that’s dead though. Hmph.

Anyway, it was enough fun that I forgot that I was going to eat him, and tiring enough that we both fell asleep in his bed, tangled up in each other in waterform. That’s another reason to like orren, they can totally sleep that way.

And I was happy and he was happy, and I kind of wish it could be that way again, but he gets all awash with guilt whenever he even thinks about it now. I hate guilt so much! It ruins everything!
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