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More Champions...

So I decided that I didn't want to keep doing alts through the initial content over and over, and picked my most recent character to SOAR up through the levels and finish the game so that I could say I beat it and do something else. I didn't accomplish that this weekend.

I did get Kit Vix up to about 28, and in the process had to go through a few of the 5-man dungeons. Well, okay, I only actually went through one of them -- there's two more queued up in her mission list that I haven't done yet.

So, the one I did was Dr. Destroyer's Factory. I shouted around for a team, no luck. Switched instances. Shouted more, a couple people asked to join because they needed the mission too, and then one level 40 joined to help us because he thought we'd be doomed. He was right.

God, it was a mess.

Room one wasn't so bad, except for all the enemies being 'tough'. I think I died once, not sure to what -- tough enemies hit really hard and refuse to die. Normally you meet tough henchman and they're not so bad, but tough 'villains' and 'master villains' are deadly and there were a lot of them. At the bottom of the room, there were a pair of consoles that had to be activated simultaneously, while infinite robots spawned and started shooting at the people trying to click them.

It took a few tries, but eventually we figured out that if we all focused on the robots except for one person, that one person could click on one console and then run around to the other and click it in time. This was a recurring theme -- all the setups obviously intended to force cooperation by making people hit buttons 'simultaenously' were best manipulated by one person cooperating with himself and running around really fast. There was one horrifically tedious room with a giant magnet controlled by four huge buttons that had to be maneuvered in a complex pattern. We spent like an hour on that room. It sucked ass.

Then there was the room of infinite bosses, that killed us all a dozen times. Somewhere in there the glowies we needed got clicked, though, and we were able to go through into the boss fight.

WHAM, one shotted. Where's the respawn point? Why, back at the very beginning of the dungeon of course! Did I mention there were three different loading screens between rooms of the dungeon?

Anyway, we had one person who could 'tank' by holding down block and getting killed very slowly, slowly enough that after every team wipe they were still just barely alive when we navigated back through the factory -- important because if every member of the team dies to an enemy, the enemy instantly heals to full. It was a long, annoying battle, but with that tactic (and later on, when the enemy transformed into a shape where we could tell which way it was facing and therefore who needed to block next) we wore him down and finished.

And now I'm absolutely certain that I never, ever want to do that fucking dungeon ever again.

But after that, I was able to get back to the lovely single player experience, doing a bunch of missions in Canada, until I got to a point where my only remaining missions were 'Telios Tower' and 'Burial Caves', both 5-man dungeons. I thought about shouting for a team...

...but I decided to roll up a new level 1 character instead. I don't think I'm ready to go through that kind of experience again just yet. x.x
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