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World Tree and Champions

We spent last night making characters for Rowyn's world tree game. It looks like I'll stick with a fighty bug, but not be the tank since Trask wants to. We'll have an Orren who wants to do a little of everything, a sleeth illusionist, a rather fighty khtsoyis healer ('doc ock'), an academic zi ri who might be a summoner or something, and a cani 'investigator' with charisma bonuses stacked to the roof.

We didn't actually all get our characters made, despite spending until midnight. It took a couple hours for people to even settle on concepts, although that was the main point and mechanical generation can happen offline mostly.

This morning I finally got Kit Vix up to level 30. I also used her free respec to respec out of force blast, since they improved fire strike and it's more in-theme. With the extra power I took fireball and the 'unstable accelerant' advantage which I'd been told worked on her main damage power, conflagration (it improves the damage of 'fire DoTs', and conflagration as a maintained power is technically a DoT). MY GOD does it work on conflagration.

Now I'm a little nervous, because that combo is sure to be nerfed. Yes, this is how I want to feel when I'm building a character in an open system -- 'oh no, these powers work well together. I'd better not take them because the devs are going to nerf them both into the ground'.
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