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Women and Children

Sunday afternoon, we played some D+D over at Tom's place. Lots of undead!

As Beware banged the hammer-shaped rattle on the anvil, the ghost who'd been singing stood up and started chanting a spell, and the anvils started to glow. He tossed hammers to Varnix and Celeste, and the three of them rushed to the brightest anvils to see if they could bang them into quiescence. But hitting the anvils didn't seem to do the trick, and ghostly, vicious baby heads popped out of the anvils to snap and bite viciously.

Beware: "So, we have to play whack-a-mole?"

Beware, Heyyou, and Varnix started fighting the baby heads, thinking maybe hitting them with the little hammers would do the trick -- but no, the hammer-rattles *could* disperse them, but so could Heyyou's giant magic hammer, and the anvils stayed glowing brightly. And more babies were appearing each round, row by row, as the ghost replayed the scene where she'd sealed the chamber.

There was another ghost in the room as well, though, which replayed the scene where she hid extra hammer-rattles inside some of the anvils, before expiring in the heap of bones where they'd found the first three. Celeste retrieved two more hammer-rattles, and handed them out so that each person had one. "We need to hit all five anvils in a row at once!" she told them, interpreting the magic energies swirling around them, "Hard enough to make them ring!"

This was a problem for Celese and Ariel, who weren't the most athletic of adventurers. But they had a chance, and using action points (theirs and other party members') to cover for their failures, the party advanced across the room, ringing all the anvils, dispersing the baby heads, and finally opening the door, which they ran out of without delay. Which was a good choice, since any delay would have trapped them back in the vault as the ringing died down and the door closed behind them.

They found themselves in a residential area, with doors to five side rooms and one set of large, barred doors at the far end. After resting to catch their breath, Beware decided to open one of the side rooms to search for loot. I mean, to make sure it was safe to proceed.

It was not safe to proceed. He was assaulted by a pair of wailing female dwarven ghosts shooting mist tendrils out of their eyes, then engulfed in blackness and devoured by a more corporeal undead dwarven man. Then the other doors flung open, and the main room filled with more wailing ghosts and three flaming skulls, that shot black fire that burned and blinded Celeste and Ariel.

Beware had an amulet that let him instantly end his imprisonment, but he didn't get a chance to do much (except get healed by Varnix, which was a good thing since he'd been almost killed by the first volley) before being sucked right back inside. Varnix, for his part, was immobilized in a corner, out of reach of all the enemies -- the cleric had no ranged attacks whatsoever, so being immobilized took him out of the fight as surely as Beware, except that Varnix could keep getting hurt by the Mourners' wail.

Heyyou pulled the other set of enemies into a cluster with a taunt, though, and then between him and Ariel killed most of the ghosts and damaged the skull. And then got flung down the stairwell by one of the mourners. Ariel filled that section of the room with a massive whirlwind, but was chased around and cornered, blinded, while Celeste, also still blind, took refuge in one of the side rooms. So it was mostly up to Heyyou to hold down the fort, although the two mages did toss out spell damage left and right whenever they got the chance.

Eventually, Beware broke free of being devoured again, just in time for Heyyou to finish off the devourer, which exploded in necrotic energy. Then the two mourners wailed, and Beware was knocked out due to lack of hit points. But they didn't live much longer than that! Varnix brought Beware back up in time for him to fire a bolt of necrotic fire at the last remaining enemy... an undead flaming skull. Well, it was a very *impressive* bolt of necrotic fire.

Everyone was wiped out after that (except Beware, who'd spent most of the fight safely being devoured inside one of the enemies), so they decided that even if this was a cursed place, they had to try to spend the night before moving on -- facing the hill giant army in their state would be suicide.

There was plenty of jewelry to loot from the dwarves' chests and dressers, at least.

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