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Presenting the Amulet

After Shawn's game, I headed over to Jurann's for more D+D. I was feeling pretty tired (I've got a sore throat, and annoying itchy spider bites or something that keep waking me up early) and so was everyone else, so it was kind of a snoozy session.

The party pushed on through the day until they arrived in Korgard in the early evening, and put themselves and their horses up for the night in the 'Blackbird's Roost', which failed to be a seedy hive of scum and villainy, and instead was a very nice inn with good service. In the morning, they told the stablehand they'd need their horses kept for a few more days at least (since the city streets were too narrow and windy and crowded to ride around in comfortably) and asked how to get to the mage's tower.

"You can't just go to the mage's tower, you should visit the magistrate's office first. It's on the lowest terrace, you can't miss it."

So they headed for the lowest terrace they could see, which seemed to have government buildings atop it. At the stairs, they asked the guards if this was the way to the magistrate's. "No, you want the other terrace on the far side of the city."

So they walked all over the city, and headed up to the magistrate. The receptionist asked them about their business, so they gave a brief description and were pointed to the mage's adjutant, where they gave a slightly less brief description and a glimpse of the cursed item, which impressed him enough that he thought he could arrange for an audience with High Mage Jer.

They were taken to the mage's tower and given rooms in a mage's hostel nearby -- a weirdly magical sort of hotel, with rooms guaranteeing perfect privacy but having no facility they could find for inviting in guests. But they didn't have to spend long there before they were summoned.

High Mage Jer was friendly, having been an old adventurer himself in days long past. He told them that the amulet's enchantment was very well done and obfuscated, but seemed like infernal magic -- there was a spirit bound inside that could slowly gain more and more control over the wearer. Since the circumstances in which they'd found it (around the neck of a lowly wolf!) could not possibly have been the intended use of the item, he agreed with their assessment that it was probably a test of its abilities -- which meant that whoever it was probably had more, and was going to make more of them and possibly even more refined versions of them, and do who knows what.

This wasn't a matter that was suitable to bring to the government -- no one nowadays was worried about the infernals, since the war was over. So he did need some adventurers to track down these rumors and make sure they didn't get out of control. But since he wasn't sure if the party was ready for that sort of task, he wanted them to undergo a magical test.

Most of the party thought that sounded like it might be fun -- the magic they'd been shown so far in the city was extremely impressive and awe-inspiring -- so they agreed without reservation, even though the mage was cagey about the nature of the test since it had to be a surprise to give an accurate assessment.

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Basically, they didn't run into any real trouble delivering the amulet to a mage who seemed competent to assess the threat it possessed.
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