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A Squirrel's Rant for May 16th, 2203

"Are we in hell?"

A kid asked me that today, and I really didn't have an answer. A few of the other parents from Epoch's school and I decided to give them their first look at the outside world. It wasn't a very good day for it -- the radiation levels were pretty nasty, and I'm worried that *RHIONE* (I have to remember her name, because I keep thinking of her as 'that ratling kid' which is stupid and racist) might need to get checked out by an autodoc. Or maybe not, I hear they heal pretty fast even if they don't have radiation shielding per se.

And there was a giant dust cloud swirling around the roof, so we couldn't see shit when we got to the overlook. I was *going* to get everyone to jump off the edge to get under the clouds, but I kind of slipped and fell and the rest of them walked all the way back to the greenhouse. ARGH. Epoch was crying the whole way because he thought I was dead. DOUBLE ARGH!

I did get a nice view once I got below the clouds, though, although only for a few seconds before the repulsors caught me and sucked me back into the arcology to talk to the thoughtweaver about my 'suicidal tendencies'. Do people really jump off the arcology expecting to die? Lucky for me they can read my mental state out of my cybernetics.

I'm still going to get a lot of flak for the way I scarred my kid, though. Did I mention 'argh'?

Earth is a mess, too. No sign of life, anywhere out to the horizon. I think we've successfully de-terraformed it. But we have the internet. I don't think they get the internet in hell.

Although it would explain some of the sims I've seen.

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