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And if a genie were set free...

Last night we tried to play Shadake... I'm not sure if we really succeeded.

The captain wanted to go to Midas, the planet of wealth, because it was the nearest place to drop off the grrlocks. Cane told him about what they're leared and/or remembered while on Paladine -- that Enka was probably really an ancient entity formerly known as Vaal, who knew (but hopefully hadn't yet cast) a spell that would turn him into a god. Yes, those gods -- the ones the lords used to serve.

But the arrangement of the moons was not fortuitous for an immediate journey to Ython, where they'd heard Enka was doing *something* that was causing the changestorms, so Midas it was.

Midas didn't have a lot of airships -- it had a lot of flying carpets, and a lot of drakivolki, and a lot of crystalline creatures shaped like drakivolki. Oh, and genies. It also had nowhere to land -- the entire moon was one huge city. Well, nowhere to land except the river, so they had the shaman waterproof the hull, and landed there.

They were greeted by a genie, who seemed to know the ball of wings. And wanted to know their business, and if they'd like to play 'the game'. You know, that game, where the genie grants three wishes (if they're within his power) and does his best to make you regret making them. "Not *everybody* loses!"

But when they told him why they were there -- to drop off the grrlocks, and to get away from Enka's empire, looking for allies to help protect Rii, oh and did we mention they're causing the changestorms and planning to attack Jaxom? -- the genies got serious. Jaxom was one of their colonies after all. This was the drakivolki homeworld.

Cane pawned them off on the captain, who knew more about the strategic situation and the war to date. Eventually all the genies showed up for a council of war. They did take away the grrlocks at least, although not for punishment or anything, just to employ as antimagic bodyguards. GRR.

After a little shopping (mostly be Cane, since the world was one where they actually studied alchemy in earnest) the genies announced that the Brushfire was to fly to Jaxom hitting a couple other cities en-route, to warn them about the threat, and that when they arrived at Jaxom, Midas would have a fleet ready to help defend it from the empire.

They offered to have a genie come along with them, but Cane thought it was a bad idea -- not only would people be tempted to play the game while they were trying to fly around, but Sgt. First would probably make an attempt on the genie's life, since he wanted to destroy all the lords. He didn't say that second part out loud where the genies could hear it.

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