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So... I made my apartment uninhabitable, as best I could following the exterminator's list, and on Thursday they showed up and did their thing. But they didn't sound really confident they'd found where the bedbugs were nesting. And the encasement I ordered for the matresses is taking its sweet time coming, estimated delivery date is next Tuesday. So until then I'm sleeping on my air matress in the only place in the apartment that's big enough for an air matress, which is way too close to my bedroom for comfort.

I got some airtight 'space bags' (the things you vacuum the air out of to make them compress; I'm not doing that part (yet?)) to put my clothing and stuff in in the meantime. Bag A is clothes, bag B is 'useless things' (stuffed animals, extra coats, etc.), bag C is 'useful things but not right now' (mostly, extra towels and bedding and stuff), and bag D is 'dirty clothes and shoes'. I'm not bothering to bag the blankets and stuff I sleep with, since the bedbugs would just crawl on them during the night if they're going to.

Hopefully they won't because they'll all DIE. But that's a fairly forlorn hope since the exterminator isn't allowed to spray poison all over the place -- apparently that'd bad for the environment or something. Where something might be 'my health'. q:3 But back when they were allowed to just spray everything, there wasn't a huge bedbug problem sweeping the nation. Just saying.

And I'm not sure what to do about moving my stuff back into position. As part of the inspection they pried off all the baseboards... er, the little wooden strips between the carpet and the wall? And they didn't put them back on. Them, or the covers to the electrical outlets and stuff. So... I guess I'm not supposed to move stuff back yet? I'll have to ask I suppose.

So, apartment not really habitable at the moment. And it'll probably never be as organized as it was before this mess. v.v
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