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Time to Face Incorporeality

Sunday, we played more of Shawn's campaign over at Tom's house, working our way *slowly* through the undead-infested dwarven ruin.

After resting the night in the now ghost-free womens' quarters, the party gingerly opened the door to the rest of the dwarven outpost, and saw two piles of bones guarding the door. Disturbing them generated another ghostly replay of old events -- they'd been chatting and arguing about the two competing factions trying to organize the defense of the clan against the besieging humanoid army, one cooperating with the elves but using a sinister 'cave in cream' made out of some root, the other following a bitterly xenophobic worshipper of Clangedding who'd come to the clan only recently. Their argument was cut short by the arrival of the guy who eventually became the devourer, who devoured them before moving on to deal with the women.

The next room they found, as they checked each door while travelling down a narrow winding tunnel, was the pantry. They found some potions and scrolls, and a shadowy figure that kept hiding in the walls, keeping them from engaging it. So they moved on to a brewery, where they fought three wailing banshees, and the shadow from the pantry joined in.

There are probably worse tactical situations that fighting a bunch of enemies who can walk through walls and attack around corners and immobilize you and push you around in a bunch of twisty passages and tiny rooms, but it was certainly the worst situation the party had ever faced. Luckily, the enemies, for all their advantage, weren't very strong or numerous or brave, and fled once they'd destroyed one and bloodied the rest.

Behind a panel in the wall in the brewery, exposed by an exploding barrel that Beware accidentally lit on fire, they found a one-use artifact bola, and gave it to Varnix so that he'd have *something* he could use at range. Although that was mostly just to tease him, since it was one-use after all and seemed fairly powerful.

Then they moved on to a dining hall, where the remains of the followers of Clangeddin got up to molest them -- only one of them was a ghost, but the others were still undead. And yes, the ghost -- the leader in this case -- was able to howl in an aoe that pushed and immobilized. This time, though, the space was open enough for the party to respond -- Ariel with a windstorm that pushed friends and enemies around at her whim (mostly useful for pushing immobilized friends) and Celeste with an illusion that pulled enemies to it and immobilized them in a tight clump. Then, AoE death!

...which took down two of them, and didn't even bloody the other two. By the time the entire party was down to at will powers only, they'd just barely bloodied the second of the two remaining enemies, and the incoporeal boss kicked off his 'blur' effect making him even harder to hit, especially from a distance.

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Then I had to leave to go to Jurann's place for another D+D game, which ended up basically being cancelled. But the outcome of the fight didn't seem to be in doubt -- I left Beware's sheet for Eric to run. Presumably they eventually finished the ghost and ghoul.
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