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I feel like total crap today. I'm not sure whether to jump to conclusions (OMG I have swine flu!) or try to rationalize it all away as a side effect of tossing and turning all night in a poisonous apartment. It occurred to me that maybe 'ventilate apartment, weather permitting' was not meant to be a one-time thing since the pest spray is supposed to keep working for several weeks...

Still haven't gotten in touch with the apartment folks about the baseboards. Or moved anything back into place. Or even gotten the #$%^ matress encasements in the mail. I also don't think I've been bitten by bedbugs while sleeping in the living room, but it's hard to be 100% sure.

Mostly, I've got... bowel... issues, that started around Friday. Between that and not getting very good sleep, do I *need* to assume that I also have a flu in order to feel this awful?

...right, time to run to the bathroom again. *whimper*
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