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Extermination fail?

Well, it might be too early to give a final verdict, but the matress encasements finally came in the mail yesterday, so last night I slept in my bed again for the first time in a week or so. And got bitten by bedbugs. For most of the day I wasn't sure -- there were vague itchy spots, but they weren't *obviously* bedbug bites. Around 9-ish they started getting obvious though.

Anyway, I tried to find some 'diatomaceous earth' to make a barrier and sprinkle in the drawers and stuff to try to kill off the (hopefully) last few bedbugs. The net told me that any Home Depot would have lots of it for gardening purposes, so I headed there after work. The helpful employees told me that (a) it didn't exist, (b) what I wanted was a fogger, and (c) no! I shouldn't look on my own! If I saw it on the net then I should buy it on the net! Go away!

So I did. And ordered some over the net. Which is expensive because we're talking about paying the shipping on a big *bag of dirt*. And it'll be another week before it arrives OF COURSE.

There's still a little hope... the poison that the exterminator used is persistent, and supposedly can take a couple weeks to finish killing.

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