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Loki and Boars

Last night we played some D+D at Jurann's place. We also played some Dominion -- apparently Seaside went from 'huh? no game by that name exists' to 'oh it's out now' without my noticing.

I like some of the new Seaside cards a lot -- fishing villiage, island, merchant ship, and OMGSalvagers. Costs 4, text is "Trash a card from your hand, and gain coins equal to its cost."

Anyway, D+D:

The morning after the battle (and after deciding on a name for their adventuring company: "Wild Shape") the party woke up in the wizard's dormitory, had breakfast, and wondered where the hell Loki was. According to the guy at the front desk, he'd left a little before dawn, so they decided to search the city for him. Near the gate, they found that his horse was still in the stable, meaning that he probably hadn't left the city.

They also found a pair of gnolls being harassed by the guards. Kalrea intervened, and intimidated the guards into letting the party escort the gnolls out of the city instead. Gennal hated being in the city anyway, so the three of them hung around outside the gates while the rest of the party continued to search for Loki.

Or, well, Rain continued to search for Loki. Malik searched for somewhere to sell his owlbear parts instead.

Rain asked around, but the only person in the party who actually knew their way around a city was Loki, so he didn't have much luck. He asked the magistrate if he'd been arrested, but no -- no white dragonborn arrests. He asked the wizards if he'd come back, and they offered to do a scrying, if he was so worried. The scrying revealed that Loki was outside the city to the northwest, moving at a pretty fast pace -- he had to be mounted.

So they all met up, got their horses, and rode northwest quickly along the northwest road. Every so often they asked if anyone had seen a white dragonborn, but no one had. Eventually, the road turned west -- before even getting to the point where the scryer had seen Loki. They found a nearby hill to climb to get a vantage point on the surrounding terrain, but there was no sign of any other travellers, and no sign that anyone had passed that way -- one of the gnolls (the gnolls had asked to join the adventurers because they were out of work and no one in Merinda would hire them) was an expert tracker, even better than Rain and Kalrea and Malik and Gennal, and told them that horses riding through the grasslands would have left a visible trail.

But without any real options, they continued on northwest, hoping to find *something*. Eventually, they did -- a large patrol of skyguard griffon-riders flew overhead, heading the same direction they were. The griffons easily outpaced them, but the party decided to follow them since they were an unusual sight and thus might be chasing the same hypothetical ninjas that they assumed had kidnapped Loki.

Normally, catching up to griffons on horseback would be impossible, but before long they came to a battle just wrapping up where the griffons had been forced to the ground by a pack of unusually aggressive pseudo-dragons. They offered to help, but the guards insisted they had it well in hand (and did, in fact). Afterwards, they questioned the party about why they were wandering around suspiciously in a very dangerous part of the wilderness.

They told him about Loki, and the guards told them that they were chasing after a griffon thief! Someone, just before dawn, had snuck into the griffon-riders' pens, knocked out the guards with magic, and then stolen two griffons. "Um... I don't think Loki could have *successfully* done that. Maybe the ninjas stole the griffons to cover their escape?"

At any rate, the guards needed to head back since the fight with the pseudo-dragons had wiped them out. They mentioned in passing that one of the animalistic reptiles had been wearing a strange amulet of all things. Rain told them that they needed to get that to high wizard Jer, but the guards didn't have much contact with the wizards. "If it's really important." "It is!" "...then you can find a wizard's tower in Highland, about an hour and a half to the southwest, and get a message to Jer to tell him to contact my superiors about the amulet. I'm Wingguard Captain Darnall."

So (after butchering the pseudo-dragon carcasses for valuable bits after the guards had left) the party did that. Highland was a secret military research base, so they got some grief from the guards there, but several of them did have wizard's guild tattoos so they were given access to the tower and were able to fill in Jer on the situation.

Then they headed south along the road, since they were NEVER going to catch up to the griffon-thieves and/or kidnappers and it would be suicide to head farther northwest to try (according to the wingguards). Loki was beyond their reach, for now. They got to Sharona, which they remembered as a friendly city, and sure enough while the gnolls got some dirty looks, they didn't get anything worse than that, and they were able to rent rooms at an inn for the night and everything.

Then they headed back on their originally planned trek to the swamps south of Korgard, to investigate reports of undead infestation. There were no roads in that direction, so they headed cross-country, and while they were travelling through a light forest, they head the squeals of wild boars.

Dinner was served!

Unfortunately, dinner was going to fight back -- there were three gigantic dire boars and two smaller ones, and they seemed intent on making the party dinner instead! Somehow, Malik and the gnoll fighter Mog (the two defenders) ended up fighting a single large boar way off to one side by themselves, while Rain found himself surrounded by two large boars and a small one. Sensing doom, he used a power that gave him and Kalrea, and Dag (the other gnoll, a ranger) and Dag's wolf resistance to damage, just before being mauled within an inch of his life. "Save me!" he cried, and Dag sent his wolf over to run interference, which actually did save him.

Meanwhile, Gennal had taken down one large boar (and dropped his bow twice, and missed a lot) and switched to help the two defenders finally take down theirs so that maybe they would go join the rest of the fight. The little boar that was left (Dag and Kalrea had taken one of them out) was pretty harmless against a resistant target, but the big boars hit HARD and everyone was bloodied. Of course, being bloodied made Rain and the gnolls stronger.

Once Mog disengaged and got over there to help, things turned around, they took out the last large boar (Gennal finished off the one that had just taken down Malik, who'd been left alone with it, out of range of healing) and the little boar was basically doomed, surrounded by targets too tough for it to hurt and cut to pieces by claws and swords.

Time to eat!

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