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Blood Age: Blood

I don't know about you, but I don't think Dragon Age: Origins has enough blood in it. After hacking my way through 20 enemies in the same fight because my braindead companions have default behavior that sends them off to attack the *farthest* enemy instead of the nearest, I should be *dripping* with blood in the ensuing conversation scene, and not merely splattered with it. I look like I was painting the blood ceiling or something, not wading through a river of viscera!

I *am* enjoying the game, although they killed off the most likable character immediately after meeting him. And some of the dialog options are a bit...

"They lobotomized me to keep me from being possessed by demons."

Option 1: My god! I should kill them all for that horrible act!
Option 2: My god! I feel so sorry for you! Even though you've already told me you're okay with it!
Option 3: They should do it to everyone, just in case.
Option 4: There IS no option number 4!

Where's 'make a noncomittal answer like 'ah', and back away slowly'?

They also make a huge deal about how fighting the shadowspawn (or whatever they're called) is dangerous for dogs because they get shadowspawn blood in their mouths and get poisoned. You have a dog. There's a quest where you find a flower that supposedly cures dogs poisoned by shadowspawn blood. You find a bunch more of them, but can only pick one, to give to the guy. Poor Mikey!

And they havea gambit system lifted directly out of FFXII, except that it doesn't have as many options. There's nothing like 'nearest enemy: attack' or 'enemy with lowest hit points: attack' or *especially* 'enemy targetted by party leader: attack'. Not that I've found, anyway. You can macro having them use healing potions, but healing potions are rarer than in FFXII and even in FFXII it was a bad (or at least *expensive*) idea to do that with potions. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to use it properly -- it has some dropdowns I don't really understand that might cover things like 'who to attack'. They can't *all* be 'farthest enemy'.
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