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Watching the Epic Battle (from a safe distance)

Last night we played some Shadake, resolving the massive battle between at least five fleets and possibly more like eight depending how you count. Obviously, our one converted merchant ship was only involved on the periphery.

After the Brushfire was repaired and modified, and a couple crazy alchemical ideas were applied to it -- mirror oil to (partially) deflect magic lasers, and gravel on the deck to let them use caravan miracle cream to float the magic laser cannon around and aim them in any direction -- they took a look at how the battle was going.

It was going okay. The spooky faces had scattered to try to engage everyone at once, while the storm came on implacably after Jaxom but not quickly enough to actually catch it. Tracer cannon shot from the distant Ree fleet inexplicably looped around the battlefield (cannon weren't usually long range weapons since the wind and gravity between moons was randomly distributed) and impacted the Paladine fleet by some stroke of luck, and the barely aimed cannon-fire from Jaxom itself was hitting things now and then. The only immediate threats were a large face and a single drakivolki ship broken off from the Paladine fleet, with a sniper-cannonneer, who was taking out Jaxom's cannons from extreme range, one by one.

They had Magnus put up illusionary decoy cannons for the sniper to fire at, and positioned themselves to intercept, staying close to Jaxom so that the city's guns could be used to support them. They tried firing their own tracer cannon shell (that Cane whipped up in a few minutes out of wax and gunpowder) and somehow *hit* the drakivolki... but after that it was able to use the tracer round against them and stay out of the line of fire.

The first wave of assault from the drakivokli ship was a swarm of grid. Nico enchanted their cannonballs as exploding flak shells, and the rest of the crew got up on deck and fired at the oncoming swarm with hand weapons. Still, there were hundreds of grid, and about forty of them got through to land on the deck, where they immediately went after the cannon. Cane tried to save one of the cannon, and failed miserably -- although he managed to point it upwards before it exploded so that it didn't hit anything with the unaimed, wide-angled beam the grid triggered -- he'd been planning to fire it once the grid got inside, but that was the grid's plan too. Oops. Luckily, the rest of the crew had better luck saving most of the rest of the cannons, and they only lost one of the others. And something like eight crew members.

Then the ships were in range of cannon and spells. The metal armor coating and, surprisingly, the gravel on the deck proved remarkably effective against the enemy's cannon fire, but most of the crew had to go below deck to stay out of fireball formation, leaving the battle up to the ship's few mages. Nico was encased in a block of ice -- which, being a crystal mage, he was able to use to power a massive 'ice armor' spell that protected him from the rest of the enemy's assaults, while he fired exploding shard missiles at them. Teatime astrally projected to the enemy ship, possessed one of the mages, and had them 'turn traitor' -- just like the real Teatime had done the last time they fought a drakivolki ship. Xerxes started remotely triggering the enemy cannon to explode, taking his cue from the grid, until Cane tried to order Kyngeah to try to ram them lightly and scrape off their vanes, after which point he started overcharging and destroying their vanes, instead. Oh, and Micro -- the berzerker -- swung on a line underneath the Brushfire and catapulted himself over to the enemy ship, where he started slaughtering left and right.

The vane sabotage was the end of it, though -- since the ship was out of control, it could no longer chase Jaxom, and they disengaged to continue covering the city. There was still a giant face coming in, and now a giant stone island turtle -- not Izzet, since it was covered in a living zombie jungle instead of flowers, but the same sort of deal. They warned the drakivolki about the zombie plague, and then... a genie appeared on their deck.

Genie: "The battle is... disappointing. You told us there'd be one fleet."
Cane: "We told you there was an empire, consisting of at least Paladine and Amalthea and Ython. Oh, and that fleet over *there* is Ree, they're probably on our side."
Genie: "Well, I'm here because everyone I was playing the game with is dead, and I can't grant wishes for *myself*."
Party: *crickets chirp*
Genie: "You know, we don't *have* to make you regret making a wish, if it's in our interest. Like, during a battle we're involved in."
Cane: "Okay, fine, I'll play the game. What can you do?"

Well, the genie could fight, but that seemed like a waste since the genies that had been fighting had been getting killed off at an alarming rate. It could also create things, shape things, and alter probability.

Cane: "So... you could make it so that the zombie island turtle brain had actually died mysteriously a while ago, and the jungle only looked calm from this distance and was even now tearing itself to pieces."
Genie: "I could try, but it still wouldn't be very likely."
Cane: "...hmm, the path the cannon shells take seems *completely* random, at the mercy of gravity and wind. I wish that every cannon fired from this vicinity would hit the oncoming giant face."

That worked really well. They didn't think of it at the time, but Cane was probably not the first person to make the exact same wish -- the drakivolki fleet had certainly been getting pegged by 'lucky hits' from extreme range for the whole battle.

Cane's second wish was for the out of control drakivolki ship to go more out of control and smash right into the second giant face that was now approaching them, having evaded the stone ships from Dagerro that had tried to intercept most of the face-fleet. The stone turtle... they could probably handle on their own.

Cane tried to whip up another souped-up gunpowder bomb, and... didn't succeed, instead exploding the ship's kitchen, which he'd been using as an alchemy lab. His second try turned into alien acid blood and ate its way through the hull of the ship and out the bottom. His friends made him stop trying, and had Nico enchant some exploding crystals instead -- with a ritual lasting several minutes, and the help of the ship's mages, he could double the power. He made four of them, and they gave two each to two created quasi-illusionary mindless cytherian constructs that Magnus Napearal made for the purpose, which they made invisible and insignificant and sent off to destroy the brain, not in that exact order.

...because after making them insignificant, they could no longer think of anything worthwhile they'd done to try to take out the turtle, and it had almost caught up! So Cane quickly whipped up a souped-up gunpowder bomb (without blowing up his lab, this time) and they made one of the small skiffs invisible, and headed for the top of the turtle's head. "I can have the genie make us a hole to toss the bomb down, instead of trying to fly up the kelp-clogged nostrils, which seems doomed to --"


One of the suicide bombers they'd sent had made it to the brain chamber, and Kyngeah peeking on the astral plane verified that the turtle's brain was dead. It was still coming after Jaxom, but it could no longer steer, so Jaxom was able to dodge it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the battle was winding down, with the Midas and Ree forces victorius. They exchanged intelligence with the Ree -- Xerxes, in particular, had been listening in on the enemy radio communications ever since their visit to Amalthea, and had a lot of coded transmissions to turn over. But other sources told them that there was a strange space on Amalthea, a dead area with a tiny city in the middle of it teeming with life, far beyond the normal capacity of a city its size, but not seeming at all like a Lord's power.

Cane gave them the recipe for making drakivolki (or presumably elf) disguise potions, but didn't volunteer them for the suicide mission to go check it out just yet. They still had to warn Teferi after all.

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After the game, I watched the V pilot on hulu, since it was technically Saturday. I think I like it, and the interview scene was creepy. O.O Then, for some reason, I stayed up until 4:30 AM playing Dragon Age. I had to do one thirty-second multiple-battle sequence twice, because I forgot to save before hitting the world map, and got eaten by wolves. >.< The wolves in that game are hard!
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