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Honey Trap

After Tom's game, I headed over to Jurann's place for more D+D. The party kept hitting the 'rest for 8 hours' button, and getting woken up by monsters, until their inventory was full and they had to head back to town to sell the loot.

Having just slain some giant pigs, and having been ripped off for meals in the last few towns (2 silver a meal? Highway robbery!), the party decided to clean and roast the pigs and have a massive feast of boar meat. After that, they took the leftovers and built a makeshift smokehouse to preserve the rest as trail rations. This took all day, so they set up camp in the woods.

On the very first watch, they were attacked! Mog, on watch, woke up Gennal and Dag to go scouting out a noise he'd heard, while the others waited back at camp. They saw a huge force of shadowy figures rushing towards them in the darkness, so Gennal took a few potshots while they headed back to rejoin the camp, and then dropped a sunrod to illuminate the battlefield, revealing the attackers as a largish force of hobgoblins. (8 of them)

Three of the hobgoblins were warriors, stupid brutes with a nasty 'bell ringer' attack that they couldn't use very often and ended up mostly missing with. Two were 'wardancers', who flailed around with flails and did annoying AoE attacks. The other three were shadowdancers, who stayed invisible basically the whole fight, zipping around slicing people up with knives and pulling them this way and that at will, ruining most of the party's attempts at tactics -- so it was all just a big, chaotic melee.

But the party was perfectly capable of failing to support each other under normal circumstances, so the chaos didn't really hurt them *that* badly. Rain blessed Gennal's arrows, and then he and the rest of the party pretended to fight the hobgoblins while Gennal picked them off one by one (except for the turns where he shot himself in the foot twice, instead). Malik decided to try out one of his new powers as well -- creating a zone of cold that the shadowdancers used to good effect, tossing party members into it to be damaged until the rest of them finally convinced Malik to stop maintaining it.

But one by one the hobgoblins fell until it was only the shadowdancers left, and despite their invisibility they were not invincible, and eventually they were taken out. The party found an unreasonably huge amount of money on the hobgoblins, compared to their previous fights anyway, and even a few minor magical items which the gnolls claimed, having the most need for them. They also found a letter of marque -- apparently, some goblin nation had given them permission to loot Merinda and the elven territories.

There didn't seem to be any more enemies around, so the party went back to sleep. Just after dawn, while people had technically had their extended rest but while most of them were still asleep, Kalrea, on watch, saw a large dragon (well, small for a dragon) land in their camp and start chowing down on the smoked boar.

Kalrea: "Um, guys? We've got a dragon."
Rain: "It's a chromatic dragon, I think -- grey? They're mostly -- HEY YOU! STOP EATING OUR FOOD!"
Dragon: "Would you like me to eat you, instead?"
Malik: "We've got plenty of dead hobgoblins for you to eat."
Dragon: "Bah! They taste horrible. I like this better."
Kalrea: "If you're going to eat our food, you should pay us for it."
Dragon: "Hah! *gobble*"
Rain, stage whispered: "Okay, it's working! Don't attack until the poison we put in the boar meat kicks in."
Dragon: *isn't fooled*
Mog: "Get away from there you stupid lizard, or we'll gut you and roast you up next!"
Dragon: "Oh, it's ON."

Unfortunately for the dragon, Rain was able to catch the entire party (except for Gennal) in his Moment of Glory, giving them enough damage resistance to shrug off 90% of the dragon's attacks.

Dragon: "What is this magic?!"
Rain: "It's the power of Sehanine! Your claws and razor sharp tail spine and acid are no match for the power of love!"
Dragon: "Ah, a priest. The meat of divine servants is the sweetest of all!"

...unfortunately for the dragon, it couldn't really make good on that threat, because the damage resistance let every shrug off about 90% of his attacks. Kalrea and Malik kept him constantly slowed, to discourage running away, but eventually it was obvious that he was going to suffer a humiliating defeat, and he took to the air, slowly. Soon, the slow wore off (they couldn't reapply it while he was in the air) and he flew off at high speed...

...then crashed into a tree, dead, as Gennal finished him off with a volley of arrows at long range.

Rain cut down the tree to bring the dragon to the ground, then Kalrea carefully butchered it for valuable bits -- blood, hide, claws, tail, head. Pretty much everything, although unfortunately they couldn't take the *whole* dragon with them. They took as much as they could load onto their horses, and headed back to Sharona to see if they could find a buyer.

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