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What dreams may come, and go on and on and ON AND ON

Playing Dragon Age, I get to a point where I find out that everyone in the town died because this kid got possessed and raised the dead and sent them out to kill everyone. He was possessed because his mother hired a blood mage to teach him magic because she was afraid to send him to the circle, where he would have been forced to undergo strenuous training to learn how not to be possessed by demons. So it's basically all her fault.

But to be nice, I decided to go see if I could get the circle of mages to help instead of letting the blood mage she hired (who seemed like a nice guy) sacrifice her for a spell that would maybe let us save her son. I was supposed to go to the circle at some point anyway, right?

So, I find the circle of mages kind of in bad shape, after a little incident where half of them went batshit crazy and started summoning demons. I fight my way up through the tower, floor after floor, until I run into a sloth demon who hypnotizes the whole party and traps us in a nightmare. Which I escape from, almost instantly, only to find myself trapped in the fade. To escape from the fade, I have to go on this huge long sidequest, solo.

Two hours later, I'm about halfway done and get stuck on this one room where six mages fricasee me instantly before I can do anything. After dozens and dozens of tries, I manage to run away enough to enough lyrium veins to survive the combat, get the golem form, and then use the cheese of golem form transformation to fight through the rest of the dreams, free my party, and get back to the mage tower, where I climb a bunch more floors and eventually kill off the boss, freeing the surviving mages... er, the surviving mage. Only one survived. All that for ONE FRICKING MAGE!

Well, actually, he was the one mage the templars would beleive when he said that the *other* mages I'd found weren't demon-possessed. *I* didn't believe him when he said he himself wasn't a blood mage (he *winked!*), but heck, the other blood mage I'd talked to was a perfectly decent fellow. Oh, and one of the survivors was an evil demon-summoning blood mage that I'd agreed to spare, so we were totally lying to the templars through our teeth that we'd rooted out the corruption, since by my count three out of eight surviving mages were blood mages. Sigh.

Anyway, after all the congratulatory dialogs and promises to rebuild etc etc etc, I get around to asking about saving Connor. "Oh yes! A life is at stake! We'll go right away!"

So I go to the world map to join them... and get eaten by wolves. I saved before doing world map travel this time, though. >:)
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