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Weirdest Dream... May 23, 2203

I had a dream that I was trying to escape from having to deal with my crazy family (seriously, my family's totally nuts, and they're mostly all clones of me so I must be crazy too, unless I was saved by never ever leaving the arcology or something) by flying to the far reaches of space (which is kind of silly, since she'd just stalk me over the internet) and ended up having to take a stop-over in Insectoid space, where I failed to get through customs and was kidnapped and turned into a hive queen.

Apparently, that doesn't happen -- for one thing, female converts are turned into soldiers, and in most modern Insectoid hives soldiers are pretty much just normal people who can still go on about their lives and all. Men get turned into workers and forced to do menial labor sometimes.

Not that Insectoids stop people at customs and convert them or anything. This isn't the dark ages of, um, ten years ago. Or twenty three years ago. Or thirty two years ago. Actually, yeah, we're just about due for them to come up with another excuse to swarm, aren't we. ,,,'o.o',,,

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