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(yet another) land of confusion

Friday night we did some Shadake. I was kind of sleepy for some reason -- kind of weird, I hadn't gotten any sleep wednesday night but I had thursday. But it was friday that I was sleepy?

So, um, my account might be a bit spotty.

After the battle at Jaxom, the Brushfire headed to Teferi, about a week's travel. They arrived to find a spherical city, of building built on top of building, like a mesa cliff-city thing without the cliff. There were ships -- including one very odd lookin ship, like a jack with cannons pointing out each end and four huge vanes that could be moved around to move it in any direction -- but no people. This was not a good sign.

Then a riderless flying carpet smacked into their ship. This was *really* not a good sign. Nico retrieved it, becuase flying carpets were really expensive.

The jack moved out to intercept them, but they weren't really sure whether it was hostile. So the usual away team loaded onto the flying carpet, and headed out to tell them that they came in peace. A cargo bay opened as they approached, and they landed inside. Everything was clockwork. Then dozens of laser pointers started running all over their bodies, so Kyngeah put up a brilliant purifying light so that they could see.

...the borg.

Nico: "We come in peace."
Borg: "We are Teferi."

The borg hadn't always been Teferi. They'd been 'of Teferi' until 3.72 days ago, when everything changed. They didn't know why everything had changed. They didn't seem hostile, though, so much as 'incomprehensible'.

They took the party to the island of Teferi, or maybe they just happened to be heading that way? Then they were attacked by giant turkeys -- the Borg were, that is. They won, killing two score of the enemeis and driving the rest away. The party took the opportunity to leave their ship.

There was a giant crater in the middle of the city, which they wanted to investigate, but as they got close a giant pink turkey gobbled at them, then was attacked by a swarm of giant wolves. Nico coculd understand the wolves -- they were saying 'get him! We can't let the doctor get back to his lab!' They tried to follow the chase, but it went indoors and their carpet wasn't going to be maneuverable enough to follow, so instead they kind of got lost trying to follow over the rooftops. Nico tried to scry the chase, and saw 'the doctor' distracting the wolves with false scent trails left by free-floating animated feathers. He also saw some of the turkeys trying to do a tarot reading using a deck like Kyngeah's.

Then, um, they were accosted by wolves and taken to see the wolf leader, who had a bunch more confusing facts to tell them, none of which seemed to add up. There'd been an attack by grid, but it had been fought off and happened after the changes. It wasn't the source of the crater -- that was a ship that had returned all mutated, but not change-storm mutated and not rogue-grid mutated and not zombie-infested or anything. Also, there were these 'fact mages' that the wolves didn't even really understand.

GM: "Now you should have enough information to figure out what's going on."
Me: "...what the fuck? We don't know *anything*!"

Oh, and the wolves had arrived yesterday -- there was a field around the island mutating everyone who came close. The party had probably only been spared because of Kyngeah's light, most likely. So they decided to try to send a signal to the Brushfire using morse code telling them not to approach.

...only by the time they got line of sight to the ship, it was too late -- they'd sent the last functional skiff over to them, and it had flown into the field and been transformed into a large, inert boulder, which crashed into the city. Oops.

Also, a bunch of giant 40-foot-tall spiders attacked them.

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