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I decided I might as well upgrade as long as I needed to replace my DS, so I got a DSi. Yay, web browsing and download games, right? And upgraded wireless access, so maybe it would actually be able to see my router, which the DS never had.

Nope. No luck with the internet setup. I complained about it Sunday over at Jurann's place, and Grzl helped me set it up to use Jurann's router, which he was using right at that instant with his own DSi sitting right next to me. Still didn't work.

But this morning, I walked through the online support and managed to get it to connect to my router. Using 'WPA' instead of 'WEP', apparently, which is only an option if you're using one of the hidden connections 4-6, hidden on a submenu of a submenu of a submenu (and the WPA access itself is two levels below that!). Using that, I was able to connect, although since it's on connection 4 DS games won't be able to see it so it's only useful for things like web browsing or giving Nintendo my money for points.

I did download the free browser to give it a try. I went to the genieserver (an online site to play Race for the Galaxy) and was able to log in, and view one of my old games... no no, wait, it ran out of memory and couldn't display the page. All those 50-by-100 pixel jpegs!

Ah, whatever. It's got a (ludicrously blurry) camera, so I can take pictures of my butt -- that's got to be worth the extra $30 over a normal DS.
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