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PvOMGWTF, May 31 2203

One of my sisters is (a) former military, and (b) some sort of super-soldier with an overclocked brain. She's also crazy and in prison but that's not the point. The point is that I must have been out of my mind to agree to do PvP duels with her.

I won the first two games, because I knew the system and she didn't yet, which kind of helped make up for things. But then she learned the system. And started programming custom spells -- so I was the one with no idea what was happening, in addition to being the one who was thinking really slowly and didn't have administrator access to the server to approve non-standard constructs.

Oh, and I guess I won that one a while later where I turned into an electric porcupine and she accidentally impaled herself on my invisible spines. Of course by the very next game she was already using that trick against me in ways I'd never even dreamed of...

Not to mention that she had the pain setting turned all the way up to 11 on the sim. Who does that?! She turned it down when I complained though.

After she got bored of killing me in all sort of horrifically clever ways, she offered to teach me to fight. v.v I might take her up on it, although not because I really want to fight -- I got sucked into the whole 'glowbug' thing and getting tutored by one of the original glowbugs isn't really something to pass up. I'd get a *lot* of flack from Bluejay if I turned her down.

Plus, when she breaks out of prison and comes to kill me, maybe I'll be able to hold her off long enough to get Epoch to safety. ,,,o.o,,,

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