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Um, yeah. Friday. Shadake.

One of the spiders snapped up the flying carpet from under the party, sending them tumbling to the ground. The scrambled for cover indoors (Nico had to dodge an attack on him, since he was also flying) and then tried to outrun the spiders to get to the transformed skiff (or to their flying carpet) first. There were lots of spiders -- buildings all over were turning into spiders to race towards the skiff.

They made good enough time to almost get stepped on by a giant foot penetrating the ceiling, which Cane leapt on to attack, getting yanked up into the open air. Nico flew around to attract its attention -- since the rest of the spiders had reached the skiff and turned back into buildings over it, and they didn't want it to turn back with the carpet still entangled -- and Cane cut the cords of its main body, killing it (turning it into a pile of rubble) and retrieving the carpet.

The carpet didn't trigger the air defense, though, since it was native, and they were able to fly to the new pile of buildings, scry out the location of the giant wooden sphere the skiff had turned into, and use intangibility paint to burrow down to it to try to locate and rescue their crew.

There were four kobolds in the sphere, which they cut out (well, intagibilitied out, but they used cutting to break the walls not immediately next to crewmembers) who revealed that they were Micro (a crazy-good fighter who'd cleaned out a drakivolki ship all on his lonesome), 'Redshirt', Fernau and Magnus. They made a transformation potion out of Kyngeah's blood to turn Micro back into a lutrai, since he wasn't going to be very effective at fighting as a kobold, but he didn't have a sword anyway because all their equipment had been transformed and turned into part of their scales, including the now nonfunctional emergency teleportation crystals.

But they were alive and not insane like the wolves and turkeys, at least, and Magnus was able to signal the ship not to get close using his illusion magic. While they were doing that, they attracted the attention of some drakivolki, who were normally turkeys but not right then, because night had finally fallen (although it was still as bright as ever). They took them to see the doctor -- Doctor Anagnoresis, one of the 'fact mages', although his project was a 'magic anchor' that negated all magic in a wide area effect.

By searching the records left in the lab, and talking to the doctor and the other survivors of the lab area, they were able to gather that the fact mages had had a changestorm crystal contained in the lab for study, along with a genie for comparison, and one of them had blown it up and started the whole horrible transformational mess by making a badly phrased wish to try to fight off the grid. Insted of using Dr. Anagnoresis' plan, which was to just switch on his magic anchor and depower all the grid.

So, the doctor finally finished his second prototype anchor, and without warning anyone switched it on, because he wanted to see if it'd stop people from turning back into turkeys in the morning. They waited around all night, bored, to find out that, no, it did not. But plan B was to turn some of the turkets into Anidutu to fly people back out to the boat hovering safely outside the field, and then use the genie still hanging around to wish everything back to normal.

Except the borg. They didn't want the grid back attacking everyone.

It mostly worked. There were a lot of little disasters, and they had to root out a grid spy broadcasting Teferi's location (they set the radio to instead broadcast the coordinates of the sun, hoping to misdirect any follow-up attacks), but Teferi as a whole was still around.

Doctor Anagnoresis then commandeered the Brushfire to escort the 'Teferi' (aka Borg) Jack to Jaxom so that they could study some way to make them less insane, or at least to make their clockwork horror actually work right. On the way, he wanted to stop at a comet to get some samples -- which seemed like a good idea to Cane as well, since comets were famous as omens of doom, and he might be able to come up with some doom-related potions.

But while checking out the comet he got a look at the doctor's maps -- which showed a suspicious confluence of meteors all heading for Morpheus. Gah.

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