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And I Especially Hate Interviewing Pirates, June 29th, 2203

I'm sure everyone who cares about me enough to flag the newsfeed articles about me already heard about how I *didn't* blow up my singularity lab. Nevertheless, it blew up, and I need a new one. And with my manager still on an extended unpaid vacation (or dead in a ditch somewhere, I don't know) I'm the one who has to review all the options and make a decision.

It turns out, the options aren't all that good. All the real singularity labs were already being used -- there's a lot of specialized equipment and expertise involved, and you don't build something like that and just leave it sitting around. Actually, you mostly don't build something like that at all, since hoping for a useful new singularity setting is kind of like playing the lottery. Technodyne has made a grand total of zero dollars off of my entire career, for example.

So, we're left with the unreal singularity labs. It turns out, people think that you can fake up a lab by taking two small interstellar cargo ships, and using one as the test singularity and the other as a guard. And you can. If you add a bunch of specialized equipment, which the losers on this list mostly haven't, yet. The ones who don't even have a blueprint for the conversion get rejected out of hand.

And so do all the ones where one or both ships are covered in scorch marks from plasma fire. I know it's unfair to assume that just because a ship's been in a fight, it's probably a pirate, but I can't help but superimpose eyepatches and hook legs on them when I see a ship with that much battle damage.

Blah. I can't believe I'm seriously considering running these experiments with only one guard singularity. If the entire universe gets destroyed, I'm sorry.

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[edit: changed the beginning of chapter 5 a little to make things make a little more sense, hopefully]
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