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Might and Magic: Puzzle Quest Edition

It's a quasi-RPG puzzle game loosely based on Heroes of Might and Magic, the turn-based strategy game loosely based on the old RPG series that ran itself into the ground a long time ago.

I bought it last night, because it was on sale at Best Buy and I wanted something new to play at the laundromat since Bowser's Inside Story was getting kind of repetitive. Started it up, went through the tutorials, and -- um, laundry's done already?

I played a little at work during lunch, and before I knew it it was a couple hours later and my battery was dead. So, um, it's a good game.

So far my main pet peeve is levelling up obscenely expensive champion units without getting them killed in the process. o.o; They aren't the easiest things in the world to attack with (they are, in fact, the hardest things in the world to attack with) and if they get killed while idle, you lose them FOREVER. Or until you buy more. See 'obscenely expensive'.

Oh, and the actual name of the game is Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.
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