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Shopping trip of doom!

We played Shadake Friday night, but not much happened. Mostly, shopping.

The doom bear wasn't safe to transport, so it was eventually butchered for likely components -- the fur itself was the source of the doom, so Cane worked on making it directional with a special tanning process. There were also blood and eyes and brain, and one of the samples turned out to be hugely contagious -- it left an aura on everything it touched, that couldn't be easily washed off (and tended to spread if you tried). Anything done to anything infected by the aura happened to everything else affected -- unfortuantely, Cane discovered this when trying it out with oil of impact, and blew up his lab.

Oh, and he tried to see if 'acornfriend cake' would work on sentient creatures, as a sort of prelude to experimenting with if his transformation potion would work on nonsentient creatures. He used some of Kyngeah's fur as the sample, and ate the cake, planning to go ask her if she thought he had food.

No. Instead what happened was that all the Lutrai on the ship (there were three others) were attracted to him, but not for *food*. One of them, of course, was the psychotic and psychotically skilled fighter Micro, who refused to take no for an answer! Cane fought him off, barely -- because aside from not really being into guys, he didn't want Micro to be mad at him for taking advantage of him while he was drugged. The other two, he led on politely until it wore off.

...and it turned out Micro was mad at him after all, because I'M NOT GAY DAMN IT! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!

But aside from that, nothing stopped them from getting to Jaxom, where they sold the gold and split up the shares among the 'executives' who had shares -- that is, the people who it would have been too expensive to hire, mostly the mages of vvarious sorts. There was plenty in the treasure for the next few months, after all...

Oh no wait, there wasn't. It'd all been stolen, again. So the steering committee pitched in to replace the treasury and buy a more secure safe -- one that couldn't even be seen except by the people keyed to it, which was a limited list: Captain Locust, Takara the treasurer, Magnus as the person least likely to die (since he could come back), and Xerxes since as an enchanter he was the one who could change the people keyed to it anyway, so leaving him off would be pointless.

They also bought lots of expensive equipment -- magic weapons and armor (sizechanging armor, for Cane) and skill charms and such. Each share was about 250 teeth after pitching in, so they all had plenty of money to spend.

After a few days (they only stayed a few days to give the crew a proper shore leave and therefore avoid a mutiny) with the Teferi Jack being repaired, it was time to decide where to go next. They took a vote, and (thanks in part to the large number of Morpheus natives on board) saving Morpheus from the meteors was the winner -- even though some of the nightmares were communicating with the empire.

Other choices (mostly inspired by intercepted radio messages) had been to investigate the lightning-crystal foundry of Amalthea (the Ree spies had stopped reporting back), check out what was up with the Sun, or try to save Ix instead of Morpheus, since Ix also had meteors heading for it and there wasn't time to get both.

After they left, they got a hint at who'd been stealing their treasury, or at least who'd done it this time -- toys, scattered all over the ship, and a search for stowaways turned up *dozens* of hiding places that stowaways had been using. Apparently, not all the myriander kids had left.

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