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Haven't they ever watched Insectoids? July 13th, 2203

The CEC just blew up a planet. No one was on the planet at the time -- according to the sensors of like ninety bazillion warships so they probably would have found anyone who was on it I guess, but still. A fucking *planet*. Habitable. I mean, except for the plague -- you couldn't actually live on it, so I guess -- no. No no no no no. I'm not playing that game.

Haven't they ever watched Insectoids? Or Starcrushers? Doom Sentinels? EVERY evil empire starts out by blowing up a planet. Even if you don't want the planet around, and *have* to blow it up, don't do it at a press conference after you invited half the galaxy to hear you talk about how you love peace and kittens and are about to herd thirty million people into an arcology against their will out of *love*.

Well, unless you're the Insectoids, where of course it turned out they meant every word. NEVER LET AN INSECTOID LOVE YOU.

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