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I've been off this week, and playing a lot of Torchlight. I got my third character (the fighter type) almost to the end of the game (I *think* -- to the 'black citadel' levels or whatever) when, sometime today, it decided it wanted to patch for the new 'steam cloud' feature that I have absolutely no use for.

It patched my game into the demo version. I can't access any of my characters, or get a new character any farther than the first boss battle. What the fuck?

I also decided I wanted to try out 'Jade Empire', another game by the same company that made Perfect World and Ether Saga, so I went to log in... nope. Okay, let's try another password... nope. Did I get the username wrong? Oh heck, I'll just reset my password to something stupidly simple. As a bonus, it told me my username. Yay!

Nope. Still can't log in. What... the... fuck.
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