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Pod People. July 17th, 2203

I always wondered what people were talking about when they said pods were the worst invention since the internet, but now that I've tried one...

Basically, in case you're not from an arcology, a pod is a, um, pod. That you go in. And play a sim. For as long as you want -- years, decades, your whole life -- the pod keeps you alive and healthy. Since most of the people in the arcology don't get posh luxury suites with holograms and repulsors and a decent amount of square footage, it's a really tempting option.

Waking up from a pod sucks, though. You're not hibernating, so you just get really, really stiff. And I was only in one for three days! I bet humans who come out after even a month or two need a session with an autodoc.

I hear that's one of the advantages ratlings have -- they're the new race optimized for arcology life. Among other things, they're supposed to be able to pod for years and wake up good as new. They're a new race, though, so most of them are still kids -- we'll see how well that holds up when they get older.

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