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Meteor Madness

Friday night, we played some Shadake. Probably for the last time this year. Thank you Christmas! q:3

After leaving Jaxom, they headed right for the first of the meteors, hoping that it would be a giant monster that they could somehow distract. Unfortunately, when they got there, it looked like it was just a giant rock. "Approximately 250,000 times the mass of our ship," was the rough estimate.

So... since they were three weeks out, about an hour of towing seemed like it would be enough to make it miss Morpheus, assuming it wasn't being aimed. The first problem was how to attach a tow rope. They decided to try to use their laser cannon to drill a hole.

The worms inside the meteor didn't like that.

After flying out of range, they tried to have Teatime mind-control them, since they looked like stupid worms. He told them that they were already being controlled by something else. "It's sort of like that thing you used on the Lutrai?"

Cane: "Aha! Then all we need is some of its hair, and we can make a stronger or at least closer version to lead them off-course!"
Kyngeah: "Do worms even have hair?"
Cane: "They might..."

So they flew to the place where one of the worms had emerged, and took a few samples of goo. No shedding, unfortunately. But with Xerxes and Anignoresis, they managed to make a compass that would track the source of the attraction. Obviously, from this distance it just pointed to Morpheus in general.

They didn't think they stood a chance trying to kill the worms (Nico scried on the inside of the meteor -- there were four of them, and they looked more dragonish than wormish actually) so they headed to Morpheus straight away.

They were surprised to be greeted by the dreamtime field two days out from the moon. The dreamtime field, and four nightmares, working together to interrogate them thoroughly. They told their story, but the nightmares had heard lots of stories told by people who also believed them. The one they were currently working on was that 'The Empire' was Gaia, Ix, and Logus, opposing the innocent pure Amalthea, who needed the nightmares' help.

They spent the day preparing burmecian disguises, and reading the tarot cards. Sgt. First interpreted his reading to mean that he needed to slay the dragon -- not only would that avenge his wife, but the dragon's blood would let them make thousands of doses of anti-dreamtime potion, which would help keep the nightmares honest since they wouldn't always have half the day where people were utterly in their power. Or, could be used to kill them. Sgt. First really wanted to kill them, of course.

When the next dreamtime came they weren't able to hide from the nightmares they'd met before -- Crisium (who they'd performed extensive terrorist activities against), Nubium (who Cane had, while possessed, murdered her best friend) and Imbrium (who was loopy as a loon). Nubium had profited wildly from their assistance, though, and was happy with them on balance -- so they didn't face immediate arrest. Also, they were fabulously wealthy, since the steam engine they'd invested in had been adapted into steam-powered weapons used in Morpheus' defense grid -- a swarm of dirigibles supposedly intended to defend against an invading fleet.

Takara also managed to sneak off and find Itsaboy, who'd been working with changestorm crystals, a total of three of which had fallen on Morpheus. He managed to send her back a piece of the crystal through the dream -- it physically appeared in her possession when she woke up!

...and the compass pointed right at it.

So the met with Itsaboy, who wanted to study them and make sure they weren't falling apart. He had a *better* stabilizer now, using the changestorm crystals -- he bathed them in its energy and normalized their aging.

...and the compass then pointed right at *them*.

Fortunately, the problem of gathering up all the shattered-changestorm energy and getting it off the moon wasn't quite as hard as it looked. Itsaboy's samples were most of one of the crystals, a second had been captured by the high priestess of the Ratlings, and the third -- the one they'd shattered inside the dragon cave -- had been absorbed by the dragon.

So all they needed to do was convince those three people to leave Morpheus, and the meteors would be diverted! The backup plan was to build a giant railgun and shoot the meteors down -- Itsaboy had been playing around with magnets.

Kyngeah, Takara, and Nico were sent to negotiate with the dragon -- it wouldn't abandon its young, most likely, but maybe they could convince it to fight the meteor before it smashed into Morpheus and devastated a wide area. Or to give up the changestorm's power.

Once they were gone, the others discussed how they might kill the dragon. The plan sounded... suboptimal. But maybe it would be their only shot.

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