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I should update more, but...

...I'm either too lethargic because life is so boring and annoying, or not nearly bored enough to want to make an entry.

I've been playing Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes some, but not as much as before because I got to a really annoying boss fight where the boss was only two columns thick and *moved* every few turns! And drained your health, and had a bunch of unfair attacks, etc. I eventually got past her, though, by loading up the insta-death Wraiths into my army and trying over and over and over until I happened to hit her with one. Now I'm stuck on a puzzle battle. >.<

I also found Gyromancer on the xbox -- I decided to hook the xbox back up because the chances of the exterminators wanting to come back to pry off the baseboards again are low (they basically threw in the towel, and told me to use steam on everything in my apartment, which hasn't worked so far), and that particular part of the furniture isn't that hard to move anyway.

Um, anyway, xbox leads to Gyromancer which is yet another puzzle-quest game, this one by Square Enix and Popcap. It's a lot more conventional, but still fun -- but unlike in puzzle quest or clash of heroes, the enemies don't make moves of their own. Instead they get a little bit of charge to all their abilities every time you make a move. This makes fighting through a bunch of tough enemies (that fill the board with rocks, say, or lock random pieces) in order to claim the geo-code that lets you add them to your team is a huge letdown, because why in the world would you *want* you own monster to fill the board with rocks and lock random pieces? There's also some other bugs, like how the turtle monster's power that's supposed to remove positive status from enemies removes negative status instead, including the very common negative status 'I have an elemental advantage'.

I figured out what was wrong with Torchlight -- I'd entered something into the 'startup options' AGES ago that didn't work, and apparently with the steamcloud patch it somehow made it act like the demo version. Removing that setting fixed it.

Oh, and I bought Borderlands for the xbox. I've been playing a soldier, and I don't think I'm very good at the game. The vehicles seem *way* overpowered, too -- one-hit-kills by running over anything, and an auto-aiming turret? I want an auto-aiming turret! Oh wait, I'm the soldier, I have one. Nevermind.

Otherwise I've been writing, cleaning, being extremely lazy, and eating way too much. Until yesterday, when I went over to start celebrating christmas with my family -- none of us are christians, really, but it's a tradition. I think they celebrate hannukah too, even though they aren't jewish?

Mostly what we did was drive up to Snoqualmie Pass and go sledding. MY GOD it was cold -- although I didn't notice the cold much once we got going at least, so it wasn't *that* cold. We started out on this tiny hill (because the main sledding hill was closed! They raised the price to $20 and closed the sledding hill?) for a while, then wandered off to this open sewage plant where the berm made a much more interesting and dangerous sledding hill. The sledding got bumpier and bumpier the farther on we went, and by the time Anna came running after us to call us back (she and the baby and mom were all waiting in the car, too cold to sled) we'd gotten to this really steep, slick hill with a bumpy, jagged hell of crusty snow and ice at the bottom that knocked us out of the sled almost every time.

But it was a loooong way from where we'd parked, and the 15 minutes we'd left to walk back weren't enough. Not while herding kids who kept insisting on (and being humored with) 'one last sled ride' at every hill along the way. @.@ I was worried we were going to get locked in and freeze to death in the cold, but it turned out that park didn't have an actual gate to block the entrance when it closed, just some orange traffic cones.

So we escaped, and headed back to dinner at... Applebees? Which was EVEN COLDER THAN THE MOUNTAIN. Jesus christ, someone needs to turn up the thermostat in there!
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