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I think I might be hooked. July 22nd, 2203

Well, I finally got to join a gestalt. Four of them, so far! I don't get to *keep* the gestalt state, because I'm a horrible evil messed up person who'd ruin my gestalt mates, or whatever.

My boss claimed that the hive queen's solution was the one they'd been thinking of all along. If that's true, then I hate them for getting my hopes up. I wanted to be in a gestalt for real! Not just during work hours!

Er, yeah. Hive queen. I've been gestalting with Insectoids. I'm pretty sure they've thoroughly brainwashed me, but since I'm brainwashed I don't care. Just remember to lock me up if there's ever a swarm that gets as far as Earth! If it comes down to hive mind vs hive mind, I'll probably be on their side.

Breaking a gestalt link isn't as bad as they make it out, but it's pretty bad. Thursday, I tried using the daydream sim to break up the gestalt state, and it was... a bad idea. Not for me -- it worked *great* for me. I daydreamed away the 'dazed and confused' period in a second or two (objective time). The drones were seriously fucked up by it, though -- their hive queen made me promise to never ever use that sim again, at least not while I was linked.

I sent a message to Hawkins about that, and got what looked like an angry form letter back saying that I should have read the readme file. It's the first time he ever wrote back to me! I feel so special!

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