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Stupid Qwest!

So... my landline mysteriously stopped working. It won't send or receive calls. Not even a dial tone.

I can't call to report the outage, so I go to their website, click on 'request repair', and they ask me to log in to my account, which I don't have. Creating an account requires me to type in a security code which they'd be happy to send me by phone, at my account's (non-working) phone number. Or mail to me, in 7-10 days.

So I call customer service on my cell phone. $.25 per minute to be on hold listening to it alternate between aggravating advertisements and 'your call is important to us!' in a cheerful voice that makes me want to strangle someone. Fifteen minutes later, the customer service rep tells me that since I live in an apartment, they can't do anything. WTF?

I guess I have to talk to the apartment manager. Because they've been SO EFFECTIVE fixing everything else.
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